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Apr 11, 2014
Jan 16, 2010
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Apr 11, 2014
    1. mabgrac
      Getting back to you about the SW M627. I probably am more interested in the LC9 than the Glock. My gun is listed for $825 Assuming the Ruger is like new I would consider trade value to be around $300. 500 rounds of Winchester White box would be worth around $115 so that means I would need $410 in cash to make up the difference. I would accept some more ammo to make up some of that. I would put a value of $11 per 50 on range ammo and if it were higher stuff we would have to figure something out. I am more interested in range stuff though. I have had a few interesting trade offers, and possibly one cash offer I am still waiting to here back from, but I would rather do a local deal with you in the Cocoa area. If you would rather trade the lock and assuming it is 3rd gen and in great shape with all the stuff I would put a value of $450 on it.
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