Jan 1, 1970
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Aug 29, 1967 (Age: 52)
Programmer/Web Developer


Big Giant Head, 52

    1. DWARREN123
      Sorry to bother you here about TBS, I had to replace my hard drive and the site will not recognize my password. I went thru the password retrieval process and got no response also the contact us system and got no response.
      Thanks for any help.
      Donald Warren
      [email protected]
    2. Critch
      I got an alert from you regarding trolling other members, was this aimed at me, or was it a general alert?,,I sure don't remember trolling anyone...if I somehow offended someone I sincerely apologize.
    3. Green Dragoon
      Green Dragoon
      Hello Eric- please see my message below. My credit card was debited $25.00 on January 16th via PayPal. I still don't have any "supporting member" benefits and I can't get a reply from you or the GT admin.
    4. Green Dragoon
      Green Dragoon
      Hi Eric...sorry to bother you. I sent a message to GT Admin a week ago, but haven't received a reply. I paid to become a supporting member a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still seeing ads, I don't have the "larger avatar" and no banner under my avatar disclosing that I'm a supporting member. Can you steer me in the right direction to address this? Thanks in advance for your time.
    5. sixgun2
      Eric,could you tell me how I go about being able to post replays to members questions on the Gate forum. I spent most of my career as a " use of force instructor. Although my background is canadian law, in a high percentage of questions the answer would be the same.
      Thx sixgun2.
    6. Gaston_Convert
      Sorry, Eric. I didn't mean to offend you. Feel free to delete the thread.
      1. Eric
        Not a problem, man.
        May 23, 2017
        Gaston_Convert likes this.
    7. DonD
      Hi Eric, I accidentally deleted my password. I sometimes clear my browsing history and that drops me offline, can you provide my password to me? User name is DonD. Thanks, Don
    8. sdsnet
      1. Eric
        Thanks for the link. That is why you stay on top of security releases. According to that article, the sites that got hacked in the last month or two, were hacked using exploits that were patched in the vB 4.x version, back in June. Anyway, GT uses Xenforo now, so this doesn't affect this site.
        Feb 28, 2017
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    9. SkipW
      Hi Eric, my name is Norman Waters or better known as Skip. I have one area of expertise, long distance shooting, fclass and bench. I was trained in the military , not something I talk much about. Have won a few matches here and there. I have a lot of experience out to 1700 yards.
    10. David Frost
      David Frost
      Hey Eric. I left his same message on the original post for your VZ-70. I found one magazine for your VZ-70 among a bunch of my gear. I don't know why I have it, and seem to remember someone giving it to me who didn't know what it was for. I had to research it myself. If you're interested in it, I'd part with it for a reasonable price. You can contact me at [email protected]
      1. Hartford likes this.
    11. quantico
      hey eric, scott from glendale wisconsin here... would you like a dvd of the wheeler dealer show ??? I run an older dvd and hard drive recorder and can burn you a copy ( analog video ) but pretty nice. let me know. and just send me an address if you would like... thanks scott
      1. Eric
        I responded to your post by PM. Thanks, Eric
        Aug 26, 2016
    12. norton
      Eric, I recall you mentioning some time back the purchase of a large bore air rifle. Might have been a Sam Yang. Anyway what was your experience like with the air gun? Did you use a pump or scuba tank to charge it? Do you still have it?
    13. Koba
      I have seen a few new members from WA on here, any shot of getting a local forum for Washington?
    14. Mayonator
      I wonder what the staff members think about creating a forum where someone who wants to buy a holster for a particular gun could post what they're looking for. Most of us have a drawer full of holsters we've decided not to use. Why not give members a place to connect with one another and discuss holsters and do some swapping?
      Eric, I've been a member of GT for many years. In the middle of a recent thread, my IP address was blocked because I was politely arguing with some of your more anti-govt/LE members on the topic of Apple's non-cooperation with the DOJ and a court order. I'm pretty upset by this..
    16. Steel Head
      Steel Head
      Hey Eric
      Date is wrong on the Mrs VR special title
      Just lettin You know.
      1. Eric
        I took care of it. Thanks.
        Mar 20, 2016
    17. Dominator
      Hello Eric, it was brought to my attention that my user name is my whole name, which probably is NOT a good idea. Would it be possible to change it to Dominator ? I think it took my facebook name or something.

      Thank you.

      Dominic Chin
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    Aug 29, 1967 (Age: 52)
    Programmer/Web Developer


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