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Jun 8, 2006
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August 14
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from South West, Florida

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    1. itisbruno
      F U eddie!!!!!
    2. El_Ron1
    3. Jason D
      Jason D
      That sucks about not being able to shoot the Python, but at least you can fondle it any time you want.

      School is important, so keep that up.
      Just stop in sometime when you get a chance.

      As for EB, I deleted that. I hate having a seizure every time I go to my profile.

      Keep safe Eddie
    4. El_Ron1
      PSL or BUST!
    5. Jason D
      Jason D
      Did you abandon us Eddie?
      I haven't seen you post in awhile.

      I bet you can't put the Python down, and that's the reason.
    6. Gun Shark
      Gun Shark
      That's good. :)
    7. Gun Shark
      Gun Shark
      That's always fun. Staying in the state?
    8. Gun Shark
      Gun Shark
      neither did I, I may go to the one next month though one of my dads friends wants to get a CWL and we are going to go help him pick out his carry gun.
    9. Gun Shark
      Gun Shark
      Did you go to the Gunshow today at the south Florida Fair grounds?
    10. Jason D
      Jason D
      Damn it Eddie!

      I just found your post on my so called GT blog, from only 4+ months ago.
    11. Gun Shark
      Gun Shark
      any time! :-)
    12. Gun Shark
      Gun Shark
      I can't remember if I told you that the next gun show at the South Florida Fair Grounds is April 19, 2009
    13. Jason D
    14. Jason D
      Jason D
      I saw you peeping. You didn't even say hi, you bastard!

      Was is something Easterbrook said? Did he touch you? Here Eddie, show me on this doll where EB touched you.
    15. El_Ron1
      Where in the world is eddie Sandiego?
    16. Jason D
      Jason D
      Iz in your shower taking a bath.
    17. G20man32904
      Yo Ed!!!
      How ya been kid? I just got your nov response like a week ago to my pm. What the He*^ is going on with this site? It's too hard for me to keep with all the changes around here so I havent been around much. Plus I lost 2 computers to electrical problems and am just getting back on line within the week.
      How did the huntin trip go?
      Tease me damnit!! One of my good buds up here got a 12ft 8inch 700lbs gator with a BOW about a month ago!!! Can you imagine? said it took 8 guys to secure it to the airboat!! He is having a full mount done so I cant wait to see it. Can't believe that monster was local.

      Anyway just checkin in with ya and I'll talk to ya later dood.

    18. andybob
      zh ihediide.

      I like youl

      you have an ,1.

      I envy.
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    August 14
    South West, Florida