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    1. drb1611
      Thanx Kitty. That's what I figured. If I can order from Glock as a replacement for the one in my G34, that would work. I can see I've fallen behind in the Glock Gun Whore game, with only 4 Glocks. I need to catch up - was hoping I'd win a random pistol from Griffin (OK - wasn't everyone?). I plan to shoot the Knoxville, Dawsonville and Conyers matches, and will RO at Dawsonville and Conyers - how about you?
    2. SARDG
      Hey Don. You need a letter from your LE (or presumably Mil) Department Chief, on letterhead when they are ordered. Did you get a recent parts order form? The "-" connectors are the same price as the standard or "+" connectors - 3 bucks, but come with that caveat of LE sales only (or replacement for 34, etc.) I once got a Glock employee to part with one "-" connector - for free, but had to use my considerable charm. LOL The things are like hen's teeth and I have them in every Glock that I shoot competitively (7 of 'em, I think) On average, and on a very good day, about $140 worth of "-" conectors.
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