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Sep 7, 2009
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    1. pasky2112
      Dave,Did you load pics of your G30 KB remains? I don't see them in the post.
      I'm glad you're ok. I had my turn in a G20 gen3 after about 100 rounds from NIB! Damaged my offhand and R cheek with a piece of mag frag, I believe. Very MINOR injuries relatively. That G 20 still shoots like a dream with only the mag being replaced.
      I'm happy you found the chamber fault before next firing! So many inexperienced shooters "test" the weapon right after, assuming no obvious failures of parts, frame, slide, etc. Darwinism at it's finest :-)
      Glad ur ok and hope you heal well. Be sure and have those wounds checked for micro-frags before long. I had an overlooked one in my cheek that remains to this day. War wound...
      God speed, man!
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