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Apr 13, 2017
Dec 7, 2007
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Apr 13, 2017
    1. jco69
      Thank you "P" and "J", i really appreciate it, send along some business cards too, i'll set them out.

      John Orosz
      273 n roanoke
      Austintown, Ohio 44515
    2. coachg
      I will be able to get the 'J' in PJ holster to make one up for me. My wife Jane, used to be totally anti-gun, now she helps me with my holster business. :)
    3. jco69
      Would you have time? if not i understand and i'll come up with something.If you're close, you could even set up a table there if you wanted, there should be room.
    4. coachg
      I would be ok with that. Did you need me to make up the coupon?
    5. jco69
      would it be too much hassle to maybe come up with some sort of coupon "good for one holster" type thing?
    6. jco69
      Hello, i'm going to be putting
      together a meet and greet for other members Sat. April 14th at A&A shooting club
      in Garettsville Ohio which will have food and drinks,door prizes,
      50/50 drawing, possible shooting competition with prizes and possibly more
      as i get more things worked out and interest increases and was wondering if
      you would be able to donate anything that we could use as a
      prize for one of the events.I still have to finalize everything with A&A and Lone Wolf distibutors as they have agreed to attend.

      Any thing you could do would be appreciated.

      Thank you

      John Orosz
    7. LC Deputy
      LC Deputy
      I would need it made for the G38 with the Streamlight TLR-1S for right hand draw.
    8. FLSlim
      CoachG, I'm up and running with your new holster. Thanks for your comments on the fit on my G30. After a few "I wonder if this will work", I ended up putting a heavy aluminum shim in to spread the holster a bit. That solved the fit; it is still plenty tight, but the weapon can be drawn. That took me to a second issue. The "J" end of the loop was too long to allow putting the holster on a stiff gunbelt without stringing the belt through the loop. To allow putting the holster on/taking it off without unbuckling, I used a small hacksaw to take off about 1/4 to 3/8 in. from the end of the hook. I hope this is of some value to you with future holsters for a G29/30.

      Beyond the fit, I think I'm going to like this holster. I wear IWBs right behind my hip bone and yours rides comfortably. This is noteworthy considering it is carrying the weight of a loaded G30. I'll carry with your holster for the next week or so and post some comments on your site in the forum.

      Thanks, Ric
    9. hoven88
      Hey if you ever decide to make one for a compact hk usp let me know!
    10. KY Moose
      KY Moose
      Thanks for a quick and smooth transaction on the G35 sale.
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