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    1. mitchshrader
      I happen to think that rural skills (fast vanishing) are both more complex and more relevant than commonly appreciated. I also think that the intensity of focus required to prosper without the modern 'conveniences' serves as a foundation for honor, personal responsibility, self esteem, and social worth.

      I can get quite a gripe on discussin' the foolish escapades of them durn city folks. Whether they're up to the minute on string theory and non-Euclidian geometries or not.

      Much of the problem with the governments of the world is lack of skills available to leadership because they don't even know those skills exist, or the worth of the results they create.

      It just totally sucks that so very few understand the worth of citizenship, the worth of the people we WASTE.. aaaaargh.

      Anyhow, from recent news those who know something useful won't lack for audiences soon enough.
    2. Stewy31C
      Thanks for posting the stuff from the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Great site.

      Myself, I like a majority of the libertarian and anarcho-capitalism platform.

      Guess I'm a sucker for individual responsibility.

      Good day BWS thanks for the good posts.
    3. Huntinfool
      Hey I was just wondering the how, where, and so forth of how you came up with the name barbedwiresmile?

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