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    1. SJ DUNHAM
      COULD YOU pm ME?
    2. dbuck47
    3. dbuck47
      On the Memphis, Tennessee Armslist is a VonBank Sig collection. Pricey at $18,500. I know nothing about this, but it just looked like something that might interest you. I do not know the seller or anything else, but wanted to make you aware of the listing.
    4. vafish
      BAC you interested in a Pardini GT45 match target. One on the builtin board. $1900
    5. GlocksterPaulie
      Hey guys. Been a while. Bac will be happy to know I just picked up a CZ P07 in a trade and carrying it in condition 1. I started on 1911's before going to Glock in 1986. Decent stock trigger in SA and not to bad in DA. Ergos are great as well as the texturing. GT has changed a lot over the years and I am finally semi retired and can slow down on the traveling.

      Hope all of you are doing well.

    6. purrrfect 10
      purrrfect 10
      how do i find reply to my post.... I have been away for awile Did buy a g 19 today. disapointed to read no replies
    7. olderguy
      Looking to purchase my first 1911-this will be a carry gun. I'm looking to stay in the $1500 range. I am looking for your opinion on a Springfield TRP and a comparable STI. If you feel any other should be considered, please feel free to suggest. I thank you for your advice and time.

    8. Burque-IL
      Do you have an opinion on the old FIE Titan Tiger chambered in .357 Mag?
    9. Burque-IL
      Howdy, old Friend..

      Lovin' the Python avatar.
    10. GlockFanWA
      Quick question as I don't know the prices very well and I'm figuring you do. You posted a link a while back to a Walther P38 inn polished blue finished for $750. That a poor, good, or great price for this model?

    11. MB-G26
      Dear Brian:
      Hauptman directed me to you regarding a 1961 (?) Mint .22lr gold plated Colt Collector, originally my grandfathers. Never fired, mint & all intact except for OEM cardboard box. I have to sell it but can't afford to do so a 'fire sale' prices. I don't know where to begin to even fairly valuate and sell it.For 8 yrs. (someone here) was the 'gun man' in the house & was going sell it for me but has ended everything. I need any assistance referrals advice, that you might possibly have time for. I read below that your wife is/has been ill & I don't want to impose! $/time is critical for me. I am medically disabled/SSDI $ in a month w/be in my ramshackle house in Phx 120 degree summer heat w/o water.

      Thank you for your time and consideration. I truly appreciate it.
    12. nathanours

      Hey I just wanted to say thanks for the help you've given me (and countless other members over the years) with gun purchases and info. It's really a great resource to be able to get good info from someone who actually owns the gun(s) in question along with great pics. It's cool you freely share what info you have and don't come off as a snob in the process like many in your position could.

      Take care,

    13. JoeyG
      Hi Brian, I'm Joey. I noticed your rather impressive 1911 collection & your buyers guide. I'm seriously thinking about starting a collection. I have none as of now. I looked at the guide but wondered if you could give me 2-3 personal suggestions for a first 1911. IT doesn't have to be the cheapest but I'm not looking to go custom expensive either. I'd say $1000 & under. The gun will not be for EDC. It would be more for range fun & collecting. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you if you have the time. If not, I completely understand. I work full time, go to school full time, and take care of my disabled wife full time. So, I know what it means to be too busy.

      Thanks a Bunch!!

    14. Roydrage
      Hi Brian... My name is Tony, and you are sort of my 1911 GURU... I've loved em forever, but have only been in a possesion to start collecting them recently this past year I bought a Blk/Slv Wilson CQB Elite, and SS Wilson CQB Elite w/ AMBI, a Stainless Springfield TRP as a Range Whore, A Nighthawk Blk ENFORCER... My Best Shooter! Hole through Hole @ 50ft. And am looking to score a BAER Ultimate Master in BLUE... But my Friend has just left his Nighthawk Costa Recon he just got with me when he went away... and OMG!!! It's the Nicest Thing I've EVER SEEN!!!

      Just sayin!

      Tony Bruno
      aka Roydrage
    15. Kromedome
      Thanks Brian for your feedback on the Damascus 1911. Other than something really kind of different, I don't NEED a pistol that looks odd just to be odd. I don't keep safe queens, I shoot what I have. That being said, I'd also like to add that I've referenced anybody that'll listen to your 1911 Buyers Guide. It's an excellent read and a good way for shooters new and seasoned to educate themselves. Cheers, Rob.
    16. Kromedome
      Hi bac1023, hope you're well. Just a quick question. I've been presented with a somewhat unique opportunity and would like your opinion. I have a chance to pick up a brand new Nighthawk "Damascus". These are quite rare and the waiting list was 2 years (so I've heard, don't know how true that is) when they were in production. Asking price is $5995.00. A ton of scratch for a pistol but, such a rarity would only appreciate, no?
    17. dwhite53
      I've got a used PA-63 mag I'd be willing to send you if you provide an address. I had a PA-63 for a while and sold it last year. Had lost this mag and it turned up.

      E-mail me
    18. bear72
      Hey bac. I just posted a pic of an update on my custom work i did on my RIA compact, i attached a pic of before and after. I really value your opinion, so if you can take alook and give me your honest opinion I would appreciate it. Thnaks, Bear
    19. bear72
      Hey bac. I just posted a pic of an update on my custom work id did on my RIA compact, i attached a pic of before and after. I really value your opinion, so if you can take alook and give me your honest opinion I would appreciate it. Thnaks, Bear
    20. american lockpicker
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