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Jun 19, 2013
Feb 4, 2011
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Until I Gota 29, from Hoover, AL

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Jun 19, 2013
    1. dpadams6
      I know u have tested a lot of 10mm thrum the glock 20,29. I carry the the 29 for Edc and 20 for home defense. I use the hot underwood 135 and gold dot 165. You mention that you have had better reliability using stock recoil spring and that's what you use for Edc. Have you shot many rounds with the stock rsa and have you noticed any frame battering/damage? Many here use a heavier rsa, but I don't want to do that if reliability is compromised, but don't want to damage the frame either. Appreciate you response.
    2. tln1313
      21 Carrier-

      I've been reading your posts and it's evident you have a ton more experience than me, so I wanted to check in with you on a couple of questions. I carry both a 29 or a 20SF. The 20 is new and I don't want to go changing everything. So my question is this, if I use the light 180 grain inexpensive fmj (underwood, etc) for practice, and then carry the hardcast 200 gr Buffalo bore or DT loads when hunting, fishing, or hiking in the woods, and the 165 JHP DT's for self defense, do I really need to change springs/barrels/guide rods? Most of my shooting is range work, and the heavy/hot stuff seems ok when I shoot it (no bulges, smilies, etc) My experience with changing these components hasn't been overly positive, and I don't want to mess with what seems perfect. But as soon as I read about 'chamber support, spring weight, etc. etc.' I start to think maybe I should start messing with the guns....
      Thanks in advance for your help...
    3. robert91922
    4. robert91922

      seems like Graf&Sons have only few 2.2lb cans of Rex0 left. I had this fast gunpowder for my 9mm/124gr range and competition loads. With 4,4gr Rex0/124gr Target plated bullet/ OAL 1.153 I had fair good and cheap ammo, so I can recommend it from my own experience for your range/plinking ammo for your Ruger 9mm.
      Kind regards
      P.S.: If only could I buy few cans of it, but this cheap and good gunpowder won't be available anymore for us reloaders.
    5. 125K9
      21 Carrier, I hope this goes through as I don't know how to work the blame message system. This is Guy Powell (125K9) from Glocktalk, of course, and I've got a quick question please. How is I-20/59 through B'ham these days? I'm from just north of Gadsden, but worked/retired from the Jeff. Co. S.O. in B'ham, however I've not been back home from Texas in 14 years. I'll be coming thru B'ham Thursday evening, or early night, and wonder if I should come on thru town on I-20/59 or take I-459? Would you terribly mind emailing me your advice please? Just use my email address, as it's easier for me. THANKS!!
    6. GTRhino24
      I'm sending you the spreadsheet updated with all the latest chrono/wax data as well as SD added and FPE on all loads. Let me know if you see any errors.

    7. SmokeRoss
      Jeez, your just a young pup I see. I'm looking at your avatar and wondering if that is a pic you took, or had taken. I'm wanting to do something like that at dusk with a pair of Redhawks. Wondering about camera settings.
    8. GTRhino24
      Went to Hoover Tactical to pick up some more SD ammo and a magazine holster. Also picked up some Pow'R Ball in 10mm. Should be interesting dont you think?
    9. GTRhino24
      You shootin' today? If so, text or call me. I loaded about 300rds yesterday.
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