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    1. 2@low8
      You mentioned Soldier Hill Road. I guess I just jumped to the Oradell conclusion. My Winchester 190 22rifle came from Modell's. Bought it in 1971, still have it. I left in 1978 and have only been back to visit twice. I lived in Maywood from 1960 to 1978. Last time I was there was 2006. Oradell didn't look any different, neither did Maywood for that matter. The south is much better. Good firearms laws, good folks and good food. What more could you want.
    2. ChallengerSRT
      I actually don't remember mentioning Oradell. Thought I'd just said Bergen Count, but I did grow up in Oradell. Even funnier than that is my father was the President of Stepan Chemical Co. in Maywood back in the early 70's. My mom met him there when it was Maywood Chemical prior to it changing to Stepan Chemical. I actually worked there for a short time. Haven't been there in 40 yrs. so hopefully it's been cleaned up a bit.
      My mom used to go food shopping at Modell's, which has probably been torn down by now. It looked like it was pretty old back in the 60's LOL. So how do you like Georgia? I'm thinking of moving to North Carolina in a year or two to escape the cold.
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