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  1. Glock 17L
    Looks like a LaserMax for a Glock 26/27/33
  2. Glock 17L
    Bought this for $199 & sold it a few weeks later for $300 More than a Taurus 85/856 costs new & then turned the profit from another Glock sale into my new carry gun The Hk USP Compact 40...
  3. KindOfBlue
    @Lt. Donn That is exactly what has happened. I was honest that I polished the trigger friction points lightly with q tips. They said they would have to replace those - which I understand from a...
  4. Lt. Donn
    I do mot believe the chip is in a critical area, but opinions may differ...I would just continue to enjoy the platform...because of liability concerns, Glock will most likely send you a call-tag...
  5. Glock 17L
    This Taurus Model 85CH was made in 1989 & is "As New" My Wife likes this gun so it's Her's, In fact She had me get a set of Aqua Baby Blue Hogue grips for it Saturday @ KGS, They had Pink Too!!...

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