Colt 1911

original Colt with a 1914 manufacture date - not in the best condition, but still a great shooter.

Colt 1911
Fred, Apr 17, 2008
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      You should get this one appraised if you haven't already. Could be worth thousands. I just looked in my Blue Book...
    • Fred
      Thanks. It might be worth a little, but is in really poor condition. It's still a good shooter, but was not very well cared for before I got it.
    • Jeff82
      According to my Blue Book (29th Ed.), a 1913-1915 produced 1911 is worth [email protected]% finish, [email protected]%, [email protected]%, and it goes up from there. Add 75% of value if ser# is 115-2400, add 100% if it's one of first 114 pistols with big lettered "United States Property". A quick comparison with the pics shows you're closer to 70% (maybe even a bit more!) than not (unless the other side is really bad). I'd say you're in the $2-2.5K range. (Unless there's something else going on that will impact value.)
    • Fred
      Wow, I had no idea it could be worth that much! Thank you for the info.
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    Apr 17, 2008
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