Working With Kids

By DAW9347, Aug 13, 2020 | |
  1. DAW9347
    One of the things I enjoy most involves getting youngsters involved with .22 rimfire shooting. Each year, our gun club will hold a "Family Day", where anyone, including visitors from neighboring states, can come and shoot firearms and archery all day for FREE. We even have one member who mans the grill and fries burgers and warms hot dogs for those who would like one of those and a soft drink.
    I man the .22 rimfire pistol area and provide several of my Ruger Mark .22 rimfire caliber pistols for the kids, along with their Moms and Dads to shoot at reactive targets that I donate for use.
    This is all done "pro bono" on my part (that means FREE if you live in Ohio). Ammunition is provided by the gun club:

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