TMT’s Limited Edition Ted Nugent G40 Gen 4 MOS:Putting this 10mm to the Test

  1. Joel Nadler
    Basic Information:

    What: Limited Edition NUGE/TMT Tactical G40 10mm Hunting Handgun

    • Stippled grip, two finger pads, and under trigger guard
    • Trijicon co-witnessed sights
    • Dehorned front trigger guard and recessed rear trigger guard
    • Custom front serrations
    • Extra and deeper rear serrations
    • Engraved U.S flag and Ted Nugent stick man logo
    • NUGE 10MM, TMT Tactical logo, Glock Logo and serial number 22 of 100
    • TMT trigger: internal trigger components polished
    • Cerakote in a custom FDE/OD finish
    • TMT magwell
    • Custom Ammo Can Gun Case
    What: Ted Nugent 10mm 180gr JHP Ammo

    Ted Nugent1.jpg
    Why: From the moment I saw that Ted Nugent was releasing a limited G40 Glock I wanted one, but also knew I would likely not pay the price to get one. My reasons for wanting one were based on three factors with a special bonus as a fourth:

    1) I have been a fan of Ted Nugent’s music since he was in the Amboy Dukes and I have attended many of his concerts over the years. I also strongly appreciated his constant, well reasoned, and public defense of the 2nd Amendment, Law Enforcement, the Military, and hunting.

    2) I am a recent (past couple of years) convert to the 10mm, and it has recently replaced .45 ACP as my favored round for shooting and carrying. For me, it has become the ‘perfect’ round and I have been buying more and more 10mms.

    3) I own many firearms, but Glocks have a special place in my collection and carry rotation due to their reliability, affordability (I own many), and large after-market options. Thus the Ted Nugent G40 brought together three of my favorite ‘things.’

    4) The bonus is the fact that unexpectedly my wife had one under the tree for me this last Christmas (22 out of 100: we were married on the 22nd).

    Testing: 4 Different 10mm Guns Head to Head:
    I love shooting this gun. After just having fun shooting the new gun for a few months, I wanted to compare it to some other 10mm. I shot 20 rounds of PMC 10mm 200gr FMJ through four 10mm guns and measured velocity using a Caldwell Ballistic Precision chronograph. The contestants in this head-to-head match were the following:
    • Ted Nugent Glock 40 MOS 10mm, 6.02” barrel
    • Glock G29 10mm, 3.77” barrel
    • Colt Delta Elite 10mm, 5” barrel
    • Sig Saur P220 Hunter 10mm, 5” barrel

    Ted Nugent2.jpg
    As would be expected, the biggest factor was muzzle length with the G40 resulting in the highest (Feet per second) FPS and the G29 the lowest. See the top section of Table 1.

    Testing: 5 Different 10mm Ammos Head to Head:
    I then compared 5 different 10mm rounds on velocity shot through the Ted Nugent G40 MOS. Ammo tested included:

    ·Armscor 180gr FMJ

    ·PMC 180gr FMJ

    ·Sig Saur 180gr FMJ

    ·Hornady 155gr XTP

    ·Ted Nugent (DoubleTap), 180gr JHP.

    I shot 20 rounds using the Caldwell chronograph again from each set. I also cleaned the chamber before each set and wiped down the chamber after 20 rounds to compare residue differences. I did not detect any real difference in residue left by each set of 20 rounds.

    I compared grain/type, cost per bullet (*suggested retail), advertised FPS and measured FPS (average of 20 shots). See the second part of Table 1 below. The Hornady was advertised as the highest FPS and actually measured almost 100 FPS faster through the G40 (that extra 1” barrel). The Sig and Ted Nugent were advertised the same and both were measured slightly slower (9 FPS) than (the Hornady?).

    TABLE 1: The Ammo, Results

    G40 Table.jpg

    Conclusion: Barrel length matters and the G40 resulted in higher velocity than the three comparisons guns. Additionally, the G40 shot multiple roads at very near or well over advertised FPS, with the Hornady XTP performing exceptionally well.

    Final Steps: I have been shooting the Ted Nugent G40 for a while now with the Trijicon co-witnessed sights but finally added Leupold DeltaPoint Pro 2.5 MOA Optics to it and zeroed in the sights at 10 yards.

    Limited Edition NUGE/TMT Tactical G40 10mm Hunting Handgun with Leupold Optics

    Ted Nugent3.jpg

    Ted Nugent4.jpg
    Final Thoughts: For me, this gun is my new favorite, not just to own but to shoot and it always gets attention when it comes out to the range. The extra inch on the G40 barrel seems to bring out the best of any ammo and the TMT modifications are all to my liking (slightly lighter and crisper trigger pull and aggressive grip). At press time, there are still a few of these beauties available if you want to add one to your safe (or as there are still some months before Christmas, start dropping hints to your loved ones).

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  1. Glock 17L
    Ted taught me how to play guitar when I was twelve years old, Thanks for the FREE lessons Uncle Ted..
    That's a SWEET G40.. Only wish I could afford one + the ammo..
    Need to stay away from the guitar stores & start hanging out at the Gun Stores again.. Save me plenty!!
    ROCK ON Terrible Ted.. Gary from Louisville..
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  2. fdracing
    That's a good woman right there
      Joel Nadler likes this.
    1. Joel Nadler
      With that I heartily agree
  3. douglas girard
    :waving:I have a glock 20. I have had it quite awhile. I just read G&A re: gen 5 and I was wondering what gen mine is. I got it with 15 rd mags (pre 10 rd) It does not have the thumb rest and the stippling goes up to the lower block pin. ser AU5xx... I bought a couple of extra 15 round mags a couple of years ago. Just took a look at them and they have the mag retainer cuts on both sides like the new gen 5 9mm's ??? I remember I got it when they first came out (g20) . I remember that the velocities were much higher than today 1300? 1500? can't remember. I do know that the FBI bought them and had the ammo de-tuned. then they came out with the .40 at the same velocity. Now the .40 is dying and the 10mm is making a big comeback. everyone out there have lots of fun with their glock 10mm's doug
  4. G23&thee
    I do have one. The article is complete without my experiences or inventory of hardware. It's his experience.
    1. crockett
      Sure. This is still a discussion board and not a digital magazine. What about the other questions?
  5. G23&thee
    Thanks for the article!

    It would take me many "do-overs" to produce an article like this if I ever could.
    It's easy to see some real-time was went into this testing and producing this article. You brought your talents of organization, writing, photography, technical expertise, products you wanted to test, love of what you're doing, consideration of others and produced an article of quality, worthy of my time to read.

    Funny, I don't ever remember you asking for criticism yet you got it. It takes real guts to produce something that you know others are going to take weak shots at. It's too bad others feel the need to criticize what isn't there as if to say "here are the holes I would have filled in IF I WROTE THE ARTICLE" but yet they didn't. Nor did they help pay the expenses. So, what neediness did they feel they have to accommodate at your expense? After all, it was YOUR CHOICE OF GUN, YOUR CHOICE OF AMMO AND MOST OF ALL YOUR ARTICLE!

    Thanks for your article! I really appreciate what you did.
    1. crockett
      So what do you think your post is? It's also criticism. And that's why there is a reply function for these articles. You might want to pull up what criticism actually means. Here, let me help you:

      ...the analysis and judgment of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work. An analysis is not necessarily something negative, but actually something constructive.
    2. crockett
      Now, lets talk about your experiences with the G40 platform. When did you buy yours and why do you think that stippling and a few parts justify this gun to be 4 times more expensive than a OEM G40. What reddot did you put on yours and how long did it last? Oh, wait, you don't even own a G40? Go figure..
  6. ImpeachObama
    How much is the Nuge 10?
    1. crockett
      $2490.00 WITHOUT the red dot sight.
  7. samarai
    very, very nice! The 10mm has been making great strides, especially in the hunting fields. Ass kicking round, for sure. The only other thing that I would possibly think about doing to this already awesome pistol, is to drop in a better trigger like a Zev Tech or Apex Tactical. Good luck with it. I'm jealous!
    1. Joel Nadler
      Thank you, It has had a Zev Trigger in it (test run:) and will likely get a dedicated one at some point. Thank you for the comments and I am glad my wife bought it for me, as I would have definitely talked my self out of it.
  8. crockett
    Red dot sights on a slide are a big no-no in my book. That's like installing the ceiling fan light bulbs on the moving part, the fan blades. With the impact of the recoil, the sight, the internal optics and the electronics will suffer eventually, especially when people start loading above book values, and that comes with the territory of a 10mm. My Trijicon went back after 1 week.

    Also, what is the purpose of this build? The G40 was designed to be a woods and hunting platform, not an indoor range firearm or show off piece. With other words, in its environment this pistol will see dirt sooner or later. Have you ever seen what happens when these open red dot sights get some dirt into the internals? No dot, no hitting targets. Not much fun when this gun is the only thing between you and that "irritated" hog.

    And if you put a "Trijicon co-witnessed sights" on this show boat, at least add some ramped up front and rear sights for a proper backup.

    This G40 looks nice, but it comes across as a toy. I see a lot of logos and paint to justify the price, not sure this will draw a following from serious gun enthusiasts.

    While I appreciate Ted Nugent's activism in the gun community, his name is not worth an inflated price on a plastic gun. But that's just my opinion.

    I would also like to see some ballistics from handloads, not just some results from factory ammo and rebranded DoubleTap rounds, also carrying the Ted Nugent name (seriously?).

    No 10mm review is complete without handloads.

    If you really have to turn the G40 into something else, at least make it count. How about 32 rounds of cloned Underwood Xtreme Penetrator rounds, well beyond those 1250 FPS factory rounds "tested" in this review, we are talking 1500 plus, paired with some Ghost Ring sights for super fast target acquisition? That is serious, and more so reliable firepower. No stippling, branding and stickers needed to make a point.

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    2. PRE-K
      I thinks the youths call folks like you "haters".
    3. crockett
      @PRE-K: That was criticism backed up with logic and experience. Did you buy this gun WITHOUT reddot for $2500? Do you even own a G40 at all? If you can't deal with criticism on a topic that didn't even come from you, that's your problem, buddy.
      HellOnAStick likes this.
    4. Dr glock19
      Have you ever used a pistol with a optic on it?
  9. Borg Warner
    Good article and I especially appreciate the addition of the ballistics information.

    And I love the 10mm and I probably wouldn't own a Glock today if it wasn't for stories I heard years ago about Ted Nugent and his 10mm Glock. At one time I was a die-hard revolver and 1911 guy and then Ted Nugent comes along with a 10mm Glock and a bunch of pre-ban mags back in the 90's when hi-cap mags were banned and I wanted a gun like that even though it was a Glock and I thought I didn't like Glocks. Eventually I bought a G20 and now I love Glocks

    But as to the gun itself, I don't like the forward slide serrations or the stippling and I especially dislike the finger pads. Finger pads serve no real practical purpose and are only cosmetic.

    But as a cosmetic decoration they serve even less of a purpose because they're ugly.

    I have a Glock 20sf with a custom 5 inch barrel and would never trade it for one of these guns although I wouldn't mind having a Ted Nugent 40 MOS in black with fewer "embellishments"
    1. Joel Nadler
      My purpose was to provide a review of a fairly collectible version of the G40 and do not disagree with any of the point you raise :) Thanks for reading and your comments, my next Glock is likely a G20, no bells, no whistles :)
  10. Pythonman
    Nice! Might have to break down and get me my first 10MM.
    1. Joel Nadler
      Be careful, one 10mm for me led to many more :) Thanks for reading and your comment
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