User Review The Statistics on Gun Deaths are WRONG!

  1. Riverkilt
    We all know that gun death statistics are inflated by suicides. A huge portion of gun deaths are by suicide - a fact usually ignored by anti-2nd folks.

    But within those suicide by gun death figures the vast majority of them happened when the person was intoxicated. I've spent years as a mobile crisis counselor - many with the fire department - and have been on scene for countless suicide by gun deaths. In my experience, all were intoxicated at the time.

    Bringing this up since last weekend my little town lost another 27yo working man to suicide by gun while intoxicated. The usual spat with the lady. "I'll show you, I'll kill me." He did it in front of her.

    The poison chemical alcohol is sold as a wonderful product that cures all ills. Its mixed with a vast array of potions to make it palatable. Fancy advertising and extensive product placement in movies and television productions foster this cure all myth.

    In reality, alcohol ALWAYS makes any human being stupid (hold my beer, watch this), angry (that's why all bars have bouncers), sad (why country music is making billions), and the next day when we're hangin' it makes us irritable and anxious. Pure chemistry, it will always do this.

    Alcohol driven sadness, anger, and stupidity drive the vast majority of suicide by gun.

    Just not fair to wave gun death statistics, inflated by booze fueled suicide.

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