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  1. Kamatz
    six months ago I went looking on the internet for an updated Glock chart. there weren't any. the existing ones usually went up to Gen3, I think one had a little information on Gen4 and nothing on Gen5. if I wanted an updated Glock chart I had to make it myself.

    so I started on that project. I quickly found out why there aren't any beyond Gen3. when you look at Glock's publications for specs, the deeper you dig into them, the more contradictory and confusing it gets. not only do the specs change over time but Gen 1/2/3 have different specs from Gen4, which are different from Gen5.

    with variants such as L, SF, S, X, MOS, FS, practice, reset, cutaway, two different types of simunitions, 10 comp models, across 5 generations, there are 110 different models of Glock each with a history of contradictions that must be accounted for.

    it was a Herculean task but I wrestled, wrangled, fought with and cussed at data from 11 different Glock manuals ranging from 1992 to 2018 and made it work. forunately the Gen 1/2/3 could be lumped together after combing through the data to make it consistent.

    I put it in a spreadsheet. I figured I could take a screenshot of that and it would be The Glock Chart. but it was humongous and would not fit on the screen. it was 3 times too big. so I split it into 3 pages. then I decided to remove some data to make a chart easier to work with... that also was large. I ended up making 6 different sizes:

    1. Longslide. uses HTML to flip between 3 pages of specs and uses a cursor that scrolls up and down like a shortwave radio (a huge, 36-band shortwave radio)

    2. Tactical. removed enough info to at least make it fit on a computer monitor.

    3. Standard. removed more data so it's not so overwhelming.

    4. Compact. probably best for casual use.

    5. Subcompact. may be viewed on a phone.

    6. Pocket Size. handy for quick reference, and if Subcompact was too big for your phone this certainly should work.

    and then there was the matter of style. I recreated them all in 4 different styles. now there 3 dozen Glock charts to choose from.

    yes, I started about 6 months ago; I finished 3 hours ago. I know I have put at least 300 hours into it. pay me a measly 10 bucks an hour and that's $3000.

    so then I upoaded the pictures to the internet so I could post the Glock Charts on Glock Talk.

    and the &^&%@*)*$)(*(*%@(* *^*#*(#ing stupid forum software chokes on random pictures. no rhyme or reason why. it won't do it.

    so, if you want to get the latest Glock charts, the only meaningful update in about a decade or more, and by far the most comprehensive and thorough reckoning of this god-awful mess there ever was and probably ever will be,

    you will just have to go to and look for the Glock Chart module.

    because GlockTalk can't handle it.


    here are some examples.





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  1. cowboy1964
    Is this being kept updated?
  2. Kamatz
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  3. Cormkev
    Very cool and informative, thanks.
  4. Slackinoff
  5. Boot Stomper
    1. glockerman29
      What's the pro/con supposedly? Or is it a local (to Germany) company whispering in an ear " psst - ours is better ' ?
  6. RagnarLothar
    Zowie....great work!!! I mean...truly impressive stuff. Thank you.

    Now, please send me two of everything. No, wait. Make it three.

  7. Ranger54
    Amazing!!!! Is it possible to save a copy on my PC for personal use only?
    1. Kamatz
  8. Neldon
    Damn, Kamatz. I got dizzy looking at just the first chart.
    Couldn't you throw in a comparison feature for us dodo heads?
    Still - definitely gotta give you an "E" for effort!!
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    2. Neldon
      Great job, Kamatz.
      I don't care for the new factory charts and like your work. Remembering the previous chart on Glock USA, it displayed a grid of models by size; 17, 19, etc in columns by full, compact, subcompact, etc in rows.
      Compare up to four models with a lot more detailed specs.
      Glock's comparison table is good but totally lacking in specs.
    3. Kamatz
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    4. Kamatz
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