The .460 Rowland a Semi-Auto Magnum

  1. Overkill338
    The .460 Rowland conversion is available for most popular .45 ACP pistols, (Glock,XD,1911, etc). The .460 Rowland is meant to offer .44 maa type ballistics in a .45 ACP pistol. From a 1911 conversion it will push a 185 grain bullet at 1575 feet per second offering over 1000 ft/lbs. The 240 grain can be pushed to 1350 and a 255 hardcast will move out at 1300fps.

    You don't need different magazines. The casing is 1/16" longer than a .45 ACP to prevent firing in a normal .45. The bullets are just seated deeper to allow the same mags to be used. The bullets start off as .458 rifle bullets, thats how they handle the extra velocity without fragging.


    The ported barrel conversions can be installed as easy as cleaning your normal barrel. The compensated version is a little more complicated, having a set screw in normal states, and having to be permanently attached in communist states like Comifornia. If you go with the ported version version, expected 15-20% more muzzle jump than the compensated version.

    If you are having a light bulb above your head about your new Glock 41, unscrew it and use it on the porch. The G41 Slide is made different and the barrel is ramped different leaving a big section of the case unsupported.When they tried to change the ramp they couldn't get any reliability at all from it.

    The reason for the ports or the compensator is to slow down slide speeds. If used without either it will battery your pistol and damage the recoil spring and eventually it wont go all the way into battery and that's not good for the shooter or the giggling friends standing nearby.


    This really is a cartridge that deserves to be called magnum, and would be amazing for hunting. I notice they offer self defense loads but I'm not sure why, unless you are going to distribute hearing protection before discharging it. Ported and compensated handguns should not be used for SD in this author's opinion. Have some consideration if you have to use it in a crowded store. I cant say much as I carry a full power 10mm,but ports just make the noise unbearable. Always consider your surroundings and the back stop behind your target in any shooting situation. Especially self defense.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for the kind words on my previous articles

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