Target Shooting At Extended Distances

By BillG174, Jul 11, 2020 | |
  1. BillG174
    I shoot at an indoor range and I use a NRA B3 paper target - please see attached photograph.

    At closer distances (5 yards) when I focus on the front sight (Dawson Precision Fiber) the target and the black bull on the target is blurry but I can still establish good a sight picture and my accuracy is good.

    When I move the target out to 10 yards and I focus on the front sight because the target is much further away the target is very blurry and the black bull is extremely hard to see when I try to establish a good sight picture. Because of this at 10 yards and beyond I really struggle with accuracy.

    Sometimes I read people saying they can shoot very tight groups at very extended distances - how are they going this??

    Any thoughts would be great.

    B3 Target.jpg

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