Review: Meprolight FT Bullseye Green Dot

  1. Joel Nadler
    The Meprolight FT Bullseye easily replaces the rear sights on standard size Glock and uses 2 points within the sight tube to aim; the circle at the back of the sight and the dot at the front. The result is you are still lining up the ‘rear’ circle with the ‘front’ dot to aim.
    I mounted the FT Bullseye with minimal difficulty on my G17 Gen 4. The sight does take getting used to and I found myself trying to find the front sight at first. As I continued working with the sights I found that initial target acquisition from holster and re-acquisition during shooting seemed to be quicker than with stock sights. After about 1000 rounds and a few weeks working with the sights I put these feelings to the test. I compared two G17 Gen 4’s, all stock, with the exception of the sights, either the FT Bullseye or stock.


    The Data:

    I compared the stock to FT Bullseye sight on three tests presented below (numbers are averages of 10 trials):

    *Drawn from a Blackhawk Omnivore OWB right handed holster, time is from signal to first shot included only on accurate shots (within 1" of bullseye), distance is average distance of 10 individual shots from center of bullseye.

    1. The data supports that initial and re-acquisition of target (once you have trained with these sights) is the big ‘sell’ here. I found I can re-acquire the sights very quickly even when switching targets compared to traditional sights.
    2. These sights do tend to mirror the advantages of red dot sights without significantly changing the profile of your gun (I can use a standard G17 holster) and are always on (no on/off switch)
    3. The disadvantage I found in the FT Bullseye sights for me (beyond the need to re-train to use them) is that my speed and accuracy are improved at closer ranges (5-7 yards) but accuracy goes down at 10 yards and further, still getting rounds on the target, but not in as tight groups.
    4. The FT Bullseye does provide decent night sights in lower light situations, but as there is less and less light the harder it is to line up on the circle and dot (you must be right on the line between your eye, and the circle and dot in the tube to see it at all (when you do it is just as bright as Trijicon night sights. However, by comparison, Trijicon’s would win easily in very dark situations where it is easy to find all three dots no matter where your gun and eye currently are.

    Meprolight FT Bullseye Green Dot retails for $199.95. So, are they worth the money? That depends, for me yes. Take a look at what you are wanting them for and if it is for faster “good enough” defensive shooting I would try them out, I am currently using them on my G17 Gen 4 that I routinely carry. The Mako Group website offers more information including detailed features and specs.

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  1. Azhkr
    I got one of the first ones that came out and couldn’t get it to tighten down on my Gen 3 17 gilled upper. You could see light thru the gap between the sight and upper. Maybe I should have tried it on my Gen 4 Mod 19. Wish mine had worked.
    1. Joel Nadler
      I am sorry to hear that, I have not tried mine on a Gen 3, but would think it should fit. Did you contact Meprolight about the problem, there may have been a defect in the sight.
  2. bfmtrader
    I would like to install these sights on my Glock 19 Gen 5. Will they fit the new Gen 5?
    1. Joel Nadler
      Yes, they should fit
  3. tbarryG17
    well written and very helpful
    I've been looking to replace my stock sights with night sights and was considering
    TruGlo Brite-Site TFX Sights does anyone have any that they can give me advise to what they use so I don't waste money? Thanks!
    1. graco2000
      I have the TFX pros on my Gen3 17. They are bright and distinct in both sunlight and darkness. They are less so under fluorescent garage light.
    2. motorcopm4
      Now I don’t like the pro. I have the TFX now with white ring. The orange ring didn’t stand out enough for me
  5. Joseph Senko
    I am having a Venom sight installed on my PT 111 G2. This should create some interesting training. I have night sights on my G37. Will need to replace those. 15 years old.
  6. DrVlad
    Thanks for great review. I have been interested in the sight since I saw the TAS design, but a bit pricey to simply buy-to-try.

    A bit off topic, but addressing a point Lee brought up and Joel chimed in on--being able to see you sight with typical age related presbyopia( aging eyes , or , my arms are too short to see things I'm holding very well). I found a simple fix for your shooting glasses. On Amazon they sell static stick on bifocals in several plus diopters ( basically like reading glasses). Quite cheap.

    Instead of sticking them in the classic "bifocal" spot at the bottom, place them in the upper, inner corner of your dominant eye side of your shooting glasses. Now when you assume a shooting stance and sight your weapon with chin slightly tucked, you are looking through the bifocal magnifier and sights are crystal clear. Yet with your off eye, you see distance clearly. Been using them for 3-4 years now and works like a charm!
    1. Joel Nadler
      Very cool suggestion, I may try this out. Thanks for commenting!
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    2. Lee Elliott
      Thanks for letting us know! When my eyes go bad I'll look them up.
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  7. chrisbroz
    I saw these sights a few years ago when they were first introduced by an Israeli company and liked the idea that Meprolight has acquired them and added the tritium element I like 'em even better...just need to gather up the lucre to afford 'em...thanx for the review...
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    1. Joel Nadler
      Thanks for the comment
  8. brine0
    I've used the FT Red sight for 7 months and have very similar results compared to Fiber Optic Sights. The Bullseye is great for me at 7 yards and will take any light and amplify it.
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    1. Joel Nadler
      Thank you for sharing your experiences with these sights as well.
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  9. TexasRaider113
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Good article. My first attempt at uploading images so if they don't make it, a little narrative...

    I recently had my sights changed on my G19. Wanting night sights, having old eyes and being frugal, I went with the AmeriGlo Pro I-Dot. Online I found them for about $89.00. Went to my local gun shop and they ordered them and installed them for $89.99 plus tax. Tritium lights up well in low light or no light even for these old eyes. So far I really like them. If your on a budget and looking for something similar you might give these a try.
    1. Joel Nadler
      Thanks for the follow up suggestion and I agree, the AmeriGlo Pro I-Dot are a great set of sights for the price.
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  10. Bravo One
    GREAT DATA & NARRATIVE: TYVM interesting analogy between the Mep and the Trij in low light situations, etc., & thus a further point of referencing perhaps to consider...
    **When Training with a Handgun one often stops short of transitioning from "Marksman to Combatives Expert". With the one there is a metering concern of "Inch Spread, Grouping" & consistency, but that "Handgun Combatives" emphasis is on "Instinctive Gun Alignment" with the Aggressor without much if any on the "Front & Rear Sight" only because, "...after so much Range Time, 'Conventional Sighting' is no longer necessary to acquire 'Target Incapacitation', distances being equal".
    **In Handgun Combatives the "Aggressor" remains the Primary Focal Point (much like Instinctive Archery Shooters) regardless of "Low or Adequate Lighting" so as to focus on the "Hostile Subject" before them who is trying to "...stop them FIRST"!!
    ~IN CONCLUSION: So that whether it's the Sighting System on the Handguns we Practice with, the Type of Practice we Sight with, "Vigilant Focus" remains an integral aspect of our daily survival, even & especially for those who Carry!!
    LIVE VIGILANTLY (as much as possible without paranoia)
    SHOOT INSTINCTIVELY (whenever possible)
    LOVE LARGE (whenever possible)
    HATE SMALL (and even smaller)
    ...for the life we've been purposefully given is to be "PURPOSEFULLY LIVED OUT" one moment at a time in FATHER'S PRESENCE..., Blessings~
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    1. Joel Nadler
      Very good point, and i concur, the use of accuracy data and 'sight' re-acquisition times make for convenient data points for the purposes of comparing two sights on the range, but are not the end of the conversation by any means. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
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