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Article Making the Glock 23 My Favorite Carry Gun

By 1L26, Jan 8, 2018 | | |
  1. 1L26
    What's my favorite Glock? Well I have a few favorites to be honest. I have been in law enforcement since 1975 and I began my career carrying a Colt Python 4 inch barrel in a Hoyt holster. Hoyt holsters were the "sierra hotel" of break front holsters in their time. As my career progressed I had some custom things done to the Python like changing the blue to a Colt combat black and having the trigger polished and the trigger and hammer jeweled.

    Well, the Python became more valuable than gold so I retired it to a presentation case and opted for an S&W Model 66 as my duty weapon. The Model 66 was a nice duty weapon, it shot well and took the abuse that law enforcement handguns take. Then they agency I worked for adopted an optional weapon as an S&W 559. I liked the idea of carrying more rounds, especially where I worked, so I bought one of those.

    I qualified with it but never warmed up to it for some reason. Then the agency added the S&W 659 to the list of approved weapons for duty. I liked my Model 66 because of the stainless steel so I bought a 659 and carried that until I left that agency for greener pastures.

    My new agency issued S&W 686 in a 4 inch and once again I was back to carrying it in a Hoyt holster. The problem was that although the agency issued these 686s, we only carried .38 +P in a 110 grain bullet. As I recall, we tried 95 grain +P and 115 grain +P but nothing performed like anyone wanted.

    Enter the Glock model(s) 22 and 23.
    IMG_2705[1].JPG IMG_2707[1].JPG
    When I got my Glock 23 Gen 2, I immediately I liked it. The 13 round magazine and one up the tube of 180 grain Federal Hydra Shoks seemed more than adequate. The G23 shot great right out of the box. No issues at all. I was very happy with my G23 and still have it to this day.

    I carried my G23 in a few different holsters throughout the years. Safariland, Galco and Bianchi top the list but they are just the ones I can recall as I write this. They all worked well but, as anyone that carries a firearm on a regular basis, the gun carrier is always looking for the elusive unicorn holster. One that does all things!

    The G23, as all Glocks I’ve handled, shoots just like the next Glock and for me points well. It seems to get on target in a natural way because, and again for me, it just points well.

    I have been extremely lucky in my career that I never had to discharge my duty weapon in the course and scope of my employment other than qualifying but, it truly has been pointed at a lot of bad guys through the years.

    All my Glocks are simple and easy to operate. That’s one of the beauties of their design. There are firearms that are extremely successful simply because they are so simple to be proficient with. The AK-47 comes to mind as one of these successful weapons.

    My G23 has traveled all over the United States with me and it has never failed me! Any climate, any weather condition I never worry about it because I know if need be it will go bang every time! There is a reason that law enforcement agencies all over the world carry Glocks. Whether in places like Alaska or the savannas of Africa you’ll find Glocks being carried

    After I retired from my last agency I felt that it was time to let the G23 rest at home so I purchased a Glock 30S. With the exception of only 10 rounds and one in the tube it was like getting a new car. It's just new and you want to take it out for a spin. It concealed well and shot even better. I took it out of the box and qualified with it shooting duty loads the first time I fired it. I did change the sights to TruGlo TFX Pro but that was my everyday carry weapon and I could not have been happier with it. Truly a great Glock in the venerable 45 caliber. L.A.P.D. Special Investigations Section (S.I.S.) apparently had their hand in the development of the G30S and Glock answered their call.

    One day something told me that I needed a 10mm. I looked at something I could carry on occasion and I bought a G29 Gen 4. I figured I'd carry it when I wanted a change from the G30S.

    Again, I qualified with it right out of the box. It ingested everything I fed it. The G29 never batted an eye. It just shot like we had been together for years. I shot light loads and "nuclear" power stuff and in my humble opinion the recoil was not much worse than my G30S with Federal HSTs in it.

    The G29 has become my every day carry gun. I never leave the house without it. It's not the prettiest girl at the dance (no Glock is) but it can kick up its heels if needed. I trust this G29 as I trust all my Glocks to fire when necessary. They all do, all the time. No hesitation!

    My carry now is as a Retired LEO and the holsters I use are Zorn Wraith (IWB), Armordillo (IWB) and my Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0. They all work well and are quite comfortable. Even concealing the G29 to where it is comfortable is not a large effort.
    I still look back at my Python and I take it out of its presentation case and handle it and I still have a deep love and appreciation for it and where its been with me. For now, I need a tool that I can depend on. I know if I drop it or I get in a bad jam the Glock I'm carrying will be there doing what it does best, it simply Performs!

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Bryan Keatley
    "Good to hear"
    Good article. I have a 19 Gen 4 and was thinking about getting a 23 or maybe even a 30S because I love the size. I think it’s the perfect size no matter what you use t for (carry, range, self defense) May have to pick one up now. Thanks for the input.
    1. 1L26
      Glad you liked the article. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for my G23. I've seen that it can do the job when needed. I was exposed to the 40 cal by employment and I trust it to this day but, having said that, times change, situations change and conditions change and since I've always been a 45 ACP guy I found that the 30S found it's way into my EDC after my retirement. Now, the G29 has taken it's place. Good luck! Best regards,
  2. PSC617
    "What about the 23...?"
    I was expecting to read about a law enforcement officer who has stuck with his tried, true, and trusted duty firearm or off-duty firearm chambered in .40 S&W. Wishful thinking in my behalf that someone would finally profess that the 40 is not dead. Yet we get none of this and not once does the Author lead us to believe the G23 is his favorite carry. in fact, I'm guessing his daily EDC is favorite..and its not a G23. Is the Author professing his love of the G23 or just Glock in general?

    Recommend dropping the "23" and keep it pure Glock OG Fanboy.
    1. 1L26
      I have stuck with the G23 just not as an EDC. I liked it and trusted it to carry it from one agency to another. To answer your question is it my favorite carry the answer is yes and no. As I said above situations and conditions change and sometimes it's the best for carry especially if I'm not interested in carrying an additional magazine. It's all about compromise and what's the best tool for the job. Sometimes it's the G23 and other times it's not. I am fortunate to have options for EDC. Best regards,
  3. Rusty Gun
    "Good historical account"
    Great historical summary of the range of firearms carried over a career. Well written and held the attention of the reader. Would have liked a little more about the Glock 23 but interesting none the less a good article from a guy who carried every day for work.
    1. 1L26
      I appreciate your review. To address your review I'll say this. The G23 has never failed me. I've never had to fire it on the street (although very close on a few occasions). I know or at least I believe that it is a great duty weapon and yes, there are others that are probably better, the G23 will give the carrier a fighting chance when the SHTF. Friends I worked with have had to use their's on the street and I have not heard one complaint or concern about it. Would I consider carrying it if I was back in uniform? Given that option or the current G17 my old agency is now carrying I'd go with the G23 and the 180 grain payload it delivers. Best regards,


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  1. tarawa1943
    Appreciate your service for doing right.
  2. Jim Harvey
    MMM! I have a Python too. 1st revolver I had when starting with the sheriffs' dept in 1986. I'm kinda short, so everybody always said I look like Barnie, caring it. But one thing about it. I could hit a bulls eye at 25 yards with no problem, heavy gun. Still like my G23 though.
  3. GDoc3111
    I trust my life every day with a Glock. My duty Glock gen 3 22. My back up is a Glock gen 3 27. My off duty Glock gen 3 23. I dont leave home without my Glock 23. Summer months I'll carry my Glock 43 9mm in a Kydex pocket holster.

    My Law Enforcement career started in June of 1980 enlisted in the US Air Force as a Security Policeman. I carried a S/W Model 15, 38 cal. 1990s transition to the Beretta 92. 1985 i attened while still in the USAF, police academy Texas and worked as a reserve police officer.

    This Texas department we started with revolvers, i carried a model S/W Model 65, 357. My off duty was a S/W model 65 357, with a 3in barrel. Later on with this department we transition to semi autos S/W model 659 9mm.

    After retiring from the USAF i began working for my current department for over 21 years. You know they say history repeats it self, i started in 1996 carrying my model 65, 38 special plus P. My buddy and I became Firearm Instructors where we transition to semi autos. During the cousre i started with my sig 40 SW. Halfway through the course me and my buddy switch for a day. I shot his Glock Gen 3 22. I fell in love with the Glock. I had purchased a Glock gen 3 22 and finished the course with my Glock 22.

    I carry my Glock 23 off duty and love my G23. My favorite is the Glock 23.

    9 years ago we had a new Chief come into the department and while on the range that year, i fixed his Gen 2 Glock 22, by replacing several parts including a chipped extractor where my Chief decided not to sell me his old Glock. My Chief said why would I sell my Glock now after you fixed my Glock, I've got a new Glock and gave me the nic name GDOC. I trust my life to my Glock 22 and 23 every day. I take great care of my duty Glocks and know my Glocks will not let me down. My lastest Glock my daughter gave me Christmas money, I picked up the new Glock Gen 5, G19 9mm. I Trust Glock!!!!!!!
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  4. joecarp
    Great article and I agree with you on the Glock 23 well mine is a G 23c but basically the same gun. My Glock has never failed me, knock on wood, and I feel very comfortable and confident when carrying it. I am bigger sized man and I still have no problem concealing it. Thanks for making me feel better about my favorite gun.
  5. Vikings87
    I had one years ago. Great all around pistol.
  6. samarai
    Very well written and informative post! I, like yourself, am and have been a big proponent of the Glock 23. I'm also former LEO now in retirement for the last several years and started my career in a city on the northeast coast back in 1976.

    When I first came on the job as a green rookie and prior to going to the police academy, I was issued an old Colt Trooper .357 Magnum, blued of course as at the time stainless steel wasn't all that popular.

    Not too long afterwards, we were then issued the S&W model 66 stainless .357 magnum. Of course, we were not allowed to carry or have loaded in them .357 magnum rounds although we did carry .38 plus P hollow points which actually gave a pretty good accounting of themselves. Good thing for that as most of the cops on "The "Job" were not that good with their firearms, nor did they care all that much to stay in shape and practice. The police survival movement was just started to get cranked up at the time.

    From there we went to the Beretta 92, which in and of itself was, or should I say is, an awesome weapon system. A bit big & heavy, but dead-nuts reliable and accurate to say the least.

    I progressed in my career and was fortunate enough to both get promoted, and to have different assignments such as undercover narc, detective, patrol watch commander, ect. I choose a Glock 23 for when I was able to carry what I wanted and I never looked back. Backing my 23 up was a 27 in the same caliber of course. I don't think that I could've been better armed at the time. My only deviation with this system was the various holsters that I went through which I'm sure many of you have done, also. Kydex was a godsend!

    I still carry that 23 every now and then, but must admit that the 27 has taken over the reigns as my EDC. It carries a little easier and is no problem to strap it onto my ankle, or slip in my pocket if I'm going to the local Stop & Rob for a loaf of bread or whatever.
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  7. SMissCCJ
    Good to hear! I just picked up a glock 23.
  8. Outside
    I agree, the G23 is great gun for every situation and is as dependable as it gets.
  9. EthansG19
    The title of your article doesn't actually describe what you wrote about. I expected this to be a piece about why the G23 meant a lot to you. Instead, I read about several revolvers and models of Glocks. You didn't even mention the 23 again after it came up halfway though the article.

    I'd recommend changing the title to "Pistols I've Carried as a LEO", "My Favorite Duty Guns", or something of that nature. Do that and the article is good.
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    1. HellOnAStick
      This is a shill article. Look how many times it says ‘Glock’. Obvious bait for webcrawlers.
  10. cadillacguns
    Nice article, I too started my LE Career in 1975, but with a G.I. .45, usually an Remington Rand, in the civilian world my first job had the S&W 686, and then the S&W 459 what a brick !
    Sheriffs Academy started me with the 2nd Gen G-22, and I carried a Gen 2 G-19 off duty. Now I have a 3rd Gen G-22, with a 2.5 Gen G-27, as BUG.
    Who knows what I will carry in another four years, but it should be the G-23, the best of all combined.