Glock 9mm ejector differences and performance comparison (with video) 336 vs 30274 vs 47021.

  1. BuckeyeRifleman
    Those of us who have been hanging around Glocks as well as the internet for a while know that “erratic ejection” or “brass to the face” (BTF for short) has been a longstanding and often discussed issue, especially in 9mm Glocks.

    This discussion seemed to kick off with the advent of gen 4. Early gen 4 guns in 9mm had issues. The guns were shipped with a stiffer recoil assembly to cope with the 40 cal, which had taken over law enforcement at the time. As long as you were using full power defensive loads the guns had no issues, but break out a box of WWB like most of us and failures were common. Along with this Glock transitioned to MIM (or metal injection molding) for their extractors about the same time. MIM can make excellent small parts that would be otherwise hard to machine, but due to slight changes in component size this led to tolerance stacking issues. The MIM extractors fit too tightly in the slides. This, along with the slower slide velocity due to heavier recoil springs contributed to the BTF issue becoming a very noticeable problem.

    The gen 3 and earlier guns shipped with the “336” ejector, reference to the part number stamped on the side. Gen 3 and earlier guns were obviously known for their reliability. That said as we go back and shoot some older models, we realize that the 9mm Glocks of lore didn’t have picture perfect ejection to begin with. Sure, it didn’t hit you in your face every shot, but it was sort of erratic and weak, albeit reliable.

    My April 2007 Glock 19 is one of those oft sought after pre-MIM Glocks. You will see from the video isn’t ejection isn’t exactly perfect. My early gen 4 was worse, and eventually I sold it. But after that I noted that my gen 3 wasn’t great either. Every 50-100 rounds I’d get a hot piece of brass thrown at my face. It was still dead nuts reliable however.

    After the issues arose with the gen 4 guns, Glock came out with new recoil springs and new ejectors. Thus came the 30274 ejector. All 9mm gen 4 guns and the Glock 19 and 17 gen 5 now ship with this ejector installed. It corrected most of the issues, however folks still complained that ejection was “weak” compared to other pistols, and still had BTF issues. Some folks had to resort to the expensive Apex aftermarket extractor to get their guns to run right. However to this day, Glock still ships gen 3 guns with the 336 ejector, despite the fact that some gen 3 guns that get sent to Glock with BTF issues come back with the 30274 ejector installed.

    Finally we have the 47021 ejector. This ejector is what is currently shipping with the G26 gen 5, G34 gen 5, and 19X. Why the 17 and 19 gen 5 still ship and are still specified to have the 30274 ejector, along with the gen 3 still having the 336 ejector is a bit of a mystery. I suspect it has to due with the numerous government contracts Glock has and the cost of updating older models already on the street. If they ship new guns with new parts, that’s admitting fault in the old parts. That said I have read of gen 5 19s thst got sent back to glock for BTF getting shipped back with 47021 ejectors installed.


    L to R, 336, 30274, 47021

    So given all that, I decided to mess around with each ejector in my old gen 3 19. Which would perform best? Would the gen 5 ejector cause any issues in the gen 3? Would it offer notable improvement over the 30274 ejector I had installed? The 30274 did improve performance a bit, but ejection was still weak, and once in a blue moon I’d get a shell thrown at my face or land on my hat.

    I went to the range today, fired one magazine with a mild hand load of 147 gr plated bullets above 3.9 gr of BE-86, and then a magazine of 124 gr Speer +P Gold Dots with each ejector installed. 336 first, then 30274, then 47021.

    Glock 19 gen 3 Ejection Pattern Comparisons (336, 30274, 47021)

    The 336 was erratic from 2-6 o’clock, with one even going out the left side of the gun. The 30274 was better, but ejection was a bit weak, 4-5 o’clock. The 47021 performed exceptionally, throwing brass strongly at 3-3:30 in a neat little pile about 10 ft away.

    If you are having issues with ejection, the 47021 is worth investing in. I shot around 250 more rounds with it installed and it was flawless. The gen 5 TMH it comes installed in I purchased from Ghost's ( website for around $10. You will need to pull it out of the gen 5 trigger housing and install it in your gen 3 or 4 housing to work.

    Hope you guys found this worthwhile!

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  1. FGWinFLA
    "Thank you, thank you, thank you."
    My granddaughter (14 yrs old) has been shooting the Gen 4 / G 19 I gave her for the past 3 years. I have tried to remedy the BTF issue several times to no avail. Most of the modifications I tried came from here at Glock Talk.
    None of them worked.

    Until now.
    Thank you for your effort and especially, thanks for sharing it.
    I thank you.
    My granddaughter thanks you.
    1. BuckeyeRifleman
      Thank you! Glad it worked.


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  1. CPTmorgan
    Thanks for the video. The 47021 ejection looks great.
  2. Pink_Vapor
    Thank you! The brass from my G34 Gen4 is beating the crap out of my DPP dot sight.
    I've searched NC/SC local forums, Brian Enos, etc. Replacing the extractor spring helped, but the 47021 extraction is much more consistent.
  3. Beendare
    This is why i come to this site- excellent!
  4. Artful2
    Thank you so much - as I'm using a Gen 3 Model 22 to shoot 40 and 9mm I was wondering if there were other options - this clears it up for me!
  5. BuckeyeRifleman
    Old youtube video is gone. Please view below. GT staff if you could edit the original post that would be great.
  6. Rusty Gun
    Best most comprehensive explanation of the Glock extractors/ejectors I have ever seen. I wish I could figure out how to save this as a favorite and share it. I have copy/pasted it into an email and sent to several shooting buddies.
    Thanks for taking the time to share this information.
  7. SA-TRP-Operator
    Thank you for a great write up.
  8. Adam W
    My forehead can't wait for the new ejector 47021 gets here from
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