1. Dunk-It Cleaners and Ultrasonic Baths...Do these Clean Well??

    Hey all. I got a good friend that called me the other day and wanted to know about cleaning really dirty Firearms. He specifically asked me about these “bucket” type dunking or immersion cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners. I told him I had no idea, but promised I’d find out from those that know. So here I am. He shoots a LOT of .22 LR semi autos pistols and 10/22 rifles. He and his son also shoots a Judge pistol using .410 shells almost all the time. He also shoots shotguns and semi...
  2. Gifted revolver

    My father in law has been working on a house for a few years, and the elderly owner gave this to him, which he in turn gave to me. It's a "Young America" Double action. The damn thing is tiny, and I believe is a .32. Pretty corroded on the other side. Based on my initial research, I believe it is close to 100 years old. Story is that the homeowners farther used to carry it while he went gambling. Who knows.
  3. Glock 19 over Ruger American Compact

    Hello all, I was looking for a compact double stack. The reviews on the Ruger American Compact looked good so I went to my LGS to check it out. Well, it’s just about the same size as the Glock 19 but about a pound heavier ( not really ) but it was at least 4 oz heavier and the slide was slightly thicker. It also holds 3 rounds less. So I bought a Glock 19 Gen 5 for 479.00. Fair price?
  4. I Miss High Standard

    High Standard went out of business several years ago. They were around a long time and made many fine firearms. I was plinking today with my High Standard double action Sentinal 22 LR revolver. I was using 22 CeeBee caps and they were a lot of fun; it sounded like shooting a cap gun! Anybody got High Standard or Hi Standard stories? One of their best products was the Supermatic semiauto 22 LR, unfortunately, I don't own one...yet.
  5. Semi-auto vs Revolver, Especially as a Carry Gun Choice

    I like revolvers as much as I like semi-autos. Just yesterday, with a late spring snowfall still on the ground, I went out to my backyard range with my S&W 686 that has a 2.5” barrel. I have an IWB holster for it and was practicing quick draw and rapid shooting at 7 yards. There was no brass flying into my face or onto the snow. For training fun, it was easy to stagger rounds by leaving a couple cylinder chambers empty. When the handgun goes “click” instead of “BOOM” I want to see if my hold...
  6. Steel case vs brass

    I hear it all the time ''i wont put that in my gun!'' I want to hear your guys input on why you shoot one vs other, I personally only shoot steel case the cheapest I can find usually tula or Winchester usa forged (indoor safe and non bi metal) I take my savings and improve my skills/buy another gun,I get it if you have a rare gun or sentimental gun but outside of that why not use steel case? You can literally buy every part you wear out 10x over or just buy a few new guns vs the cost of...

    First, my caveat and my bona fides. My caveat: I’m a lawyer, but I’m not your lawyer. What follows is commentary based upon my education and experience, but it is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, go hire a lawyer licensed in the applicable jurisdiction. As for my bona fides: I am an attorney and I’ve been practicing in litigation for almost fifteen years as of this writing. I am licensed in the Arkansas state and federal district courts, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and the...
  8. Which one Glock 48 or Glock 19 Gen 5

    Looking to Purchase one of these Glocks either the G-19 Gen 5 or the New G-48. My hands are not big, please give me your option on which one and WHY! It will be my EDC, have holsters for the G-19 like 5 of them, NO holsters for the New G-48. I like the way both feel in my hand though, confused. This will also be the ONLY handgun that I own at the present time. Had to sell everything at a point, Thanks!!!