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  1. Black Guns Matter

    Black Guns Matter: A Revolutionary Approach to Gun Rights

    With the current and continual threat to our second amendment rights, we need responsible citizens willing to speak out and defend them. And at the same time, we need individuals to address gun violence that we are seeing in our communities.

    One person going out and doing above and beyond the call of duty is Maj Toure, a 29-year-old NRA member and gun rights activist, who is bringing his message to some of the roughest areas in the...
  2. Featured

    Glock Safety - Does Glock Need an External Safety?

    Safe action refers to the firing pin lock system in which the firearm manufacturer Glock created to be utilized in majority of the pistols. Glock is a very safe type of gun and it simply cannot fire unless its trigger is fully squeezed, yet there are comments regarding Glock and its lack of safety.

    As you can observe, there are various discussions that you can read right over the internet about Glock safety. If you are very curious, you probably have read different articles. There are also...
  3. Featured

    Families of the Departed can sue Gun Makers?

    Resurfacing after Judge Barbara Bellis of Connecticut Superior Court ruled in favor of the lawsuit against gun makers of Bushmaster XM15-E2S, the firearm that was used in Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre back in Dec. 14, 2012, is the 2005 heated debate of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. This is a federal law that has been passed by the congress to protect manufacturers of guns from lawsuits associated with the use of their weapons. This law reinforces the claims of those...