Article As winter approaches Gen 4 vs. Gen 3

  1. starfish86
    I am a “Gen 3” fan but Winter of 2016 made me realize something important. What happens when you no longer can shoot right handed after having nothing but gen 3 firearms?

    As of December 2017 I owned three Glocks (G26 Gen 3, G17 Gen 3, and G30SF Gen 3). Then I slipped on ice in New York while visiting family and broke clean through my upper right arm two inches below my shoulder. I spent the next six months with no use of my right arm.

    It was then I realized I should get a Gen 4 so I could reverse the magazine release. I found a G27 Gen 4 Police Trade in looking non issued and installed rubber Talon Grips and Trijicon HD night sights.

    Many of us may not live in a place where we get Ice or snow I don’t either I live in Miami but a slip and fall later made me realize that while I dislike the oversize mag release and grip texture of the Gen 4 it may be your only option after an accident or disability.

    Fast forward to today and my arm has rehabed 90% of what it was but I am over 50 and so these things happen. I shoot right-handed almost exclusively still. Having been reminded that accidents happen and I may not always have use of both hands it is nice to know I have a handgun that can be made to work for either left or right handed use.

    This also made me spend time learning to shoot left handed only without a support hand and I have a lot of work to do but going to the range is reward enough.

    Enjoy your right to keep and bear arms and most of all be safe.

    P.S. I did not research but gen 5’s may also offer reversable magazine releases. At the time I needed a solution the Gen 5 had not been released though.

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  1. Will-21
    I agree. Fire Controls are critical during the stress of a engagement.

    I'm a Left eye dominant right hand shooter of over 50 years of 1911 usage. I'm more accurate Left handed but faster Right handed. 1/2 of my range time is shooting Lefty.
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    1. BDM71
      I'm the same way
  2. RagnarLothar
    Good points!
  3. R3508
    I was introduced to Glock by a left handed shooter with a gen 1 G17. Years later, working in a gun shop, I sold a gen3 G22 to a southpaw, after a left handed demonstration. I practice with both right and left after years of LE and security training for weak hand scenarios . I just got a great left hand IWB holster and plan to start carrying weak hand for good measure. Never know what life has in store for you .
  4. LinuxLover
    As a n00b to Glocks - (less than a year so far but no NDs nor have I shot anyone else yet) - I disagree on a point saying that a Gen5 is the best version to get for offhanded or single-handed shooting.

    There are finger grooves on the Gen4 and none on the Gen5 - that made the fact that I bought a Gen4 a real asset.

    I find that the finger grooves make it much easier to hold and fire my G20.4, single-handedly.

    The recoil on a non-finger gripped pistol made it harder to re-target the pistol for a decent shot with no fliers. I found myself 'crawling' with my fingers trying to get the grip back into position after each shot.

    Trying to get the pistol grip back into position is a real time-sucker. I may not have a lot of time to get a hold of the firearm

    This I did as a drill to see what my limitations were if I could not use my right hand.

    I bought the G20.4 for that reason. OK - I thought I wanted a G40.x .... but I like the shorter barrel G20.4 for clearing the holster faster.

    OK - TBS, it's not necessarily a strength issue. Since I play guitar and piano & keyboard, I can pretty much imprint my fingerprints on a cue ball. It's just the shock of the recoil and then having to regroup one's fingers into a better shooting position on a Gen5.

    I hope I didn't confuse anyone.......... and this is just an opinion.
  5. Nagoya10
    Gen 5 also have ambi slide releases which helps even more for off side shooting.
  6. LoneGenius
    I believe they have different recoil spring assemblies and that Gen 4 will accept Gen 3 magazines. I do not know if Gen 3's will accept Gen 4 mags.
  7. GlockGirlC64
    Glad your arm is better. Scary stuff and good advice.
  8. 4Baldy
    Good advice..
  9. Slantnose
    This motivated me to practice shooting offhand next trip to the range. I do practice shooting one handed, but only with my strong side hand. All my Glocks are currently Gen 4.
  10. greengiant
    Two very good practices were mentioned here. Learn to shoot and practice using, your strong hand, your weak hand, as well as, both hands. Always use weapons that work the same way, doing so will allow muscle memory to function automatically. I am old school and love revolvers. However having thirty two yrs. Law Enforcement, I have had considerable experience with both. My love affair goes like this with revolvers, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Ruger and with pistols (all striker fired) All Model Gen 4 & 5 Glocks and the new Sig-Sauer P320. Please, don't take this as me giving advice, just my opinion based on my experience. My granddad started me shooting at age 4 and here it is, seventy one years later and I still love it. Be sure to Take A Kid Shooting & Fishing!
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