ZEV Tech Duty Trigger

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Short Cut, Feb 5, 2013.

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  3. Man thats one expensive trigger,prices start at $250... YIKES !!!!

  4. Does it come with gold pixie dust or is that optional?
  5. I think it's definitely worth it. I think it allows you to curve bullets too, Angelina style..
  6. Bruce M

  7. Actually, they start at $150. $250 is for the Ultimate Kit which includes a bunch of other parts including a skeletonized striker. Considering that the trigger is made out of a solid aluminium and that's the list price, it's not unreasonable.

    I would get the one with adjustable travel for the same price though. I have their stainless steel trigger (ultimate kit) on my G35, and it's fantastic!

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  8. Short Cut

    Short Cut PatrioticMember

    I was wondering why they made the duty trigger when their other Fulcrum adusable is available, for the same cost even.

    Do you see the adjustment part of the trigger as something that could lead to a failure and therefore wouldn't be recommend for a duty/defense gun?
  9. The duty trigger was made at the request of several law enforcement departments. It has a shorter pre travel and a shorter over travel then a stock trigger but is not adjustable like the fulcrum. The fulcrum was designed as a competition trigger and the duty was designed for carry.
    And a lot of law enforcement departments wont allow any kind of adjustable trigger.
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  10. Can you provide a list of LEA's that requested this trigger?
  11. I understand the request, however at this time I can not. There are a lot of agencies that are doing test and review and for obvious reason I cant say who they are.. There are officers that use the duty and or fulcrum, where their department does not care what they use...
  12. I can't believe any LEA would be dumb enough, to not use the Glock OEM trigger.
  13. Doesn't mean it isn't true :)

    And please tell me how it's dumb? Are u implying that a plastic trigger is more reliable than an aluminum one? Or that a plastic nubbin is a better safety than a actual safety spring?
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  15. Look I was just giving info, we can debate OEM triggers vs "aftermarket" all day long.. If u like the factory then please stick with it. Just know there are other options. That's it. I wasn't trying to get into a debate... Geeezzz way to make a new guy feel welcome... Lol
  16. bentbiker

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    Craig, thanks for coming here to explain your new product. I'm guessing the skeptics have never tried your products or services. I can certainly verify that the Glock trigger is made like a toy compared to the Fulcrum. I was trying to welcome you before you replied, but I spent too much time on your site trying to see if you mention a money-back guarantee; I've never needed one.
  17. Thank you.. I wasn't even coming in as a company rep like I said I was just offering info on the trigger.. And if u needed a refund or didn't care for something I know that is a easy fix.. I don't handle sales or the web site. I do all the grip and slide work....
  18. bentbiker

    bentbiker NRA Member

    I figured that might be a solution for those questioning the worth of the triggers.

    You milled my G19 slide for my RMR -- a perfect job.
  19. I've never heard of any kind of law enforcement agency allowing their officers to adjust duty weapons from stock, ESPECIALLY not the trigger.

    It has nothing to do with reliability. It has to do with liability.
  20. bentbiker

    bentbiker NRA Member

    I think Craig agrees with you. He stated in his original post that this was the reason Glockworx designed the Duty model -- so that it was not adjustable. I don't think it was ever stated that the individual officers might be authorized to install the triggers themselves.

    Perhaps they want to lessen the chance of the city's liability by installing triggers with a much more robust trigger safety. Possible? And wouldn't you think that increased reliability would translate to decreased potential for liability?
  21. Short Cut

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    Craig, thanks for signing up and adding information straight from the horse's mouth. :cowboy:

    Welcome to GT! :patriot:

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