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Yugo rifles lack chrome lining because...

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by my762buzz, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. my762buzz


    Mar 21, 2007
    I figured some of you guys might find this interesting.


    Here is the skinny on chrome lined barrels in Yugo weapons including of course sks.
    I wrote to Mr.Branko Bogdanovic , asking him what was the reason why Yugo sks were chromeless.
    For those that don’t know who he is, Branko is THE leading authority on all Yugoslavian weapons, and also Kragujevac factory historian. Of course, Kragujevac is the one and only Yugo factory that produced small arms in Yugo.
    His response:

    The technology for producing chrome and nickel existed in Slovenia’s steel mills ( one of the former Yugo republics, now independent state) in 1950.
    But, technology of actually applying hard chrome in barrels, began after1970 in Kragujevac factory.
    First chrome barrels were produced in M70 automatic rifles ( Yugo Kalashnikovs), and Yugo automatic pistols Skorpion 7.62 mm M84 ( Czech scorpion M61)

    So, in short, Yugo had/has plenty of chrome, the know how just came late, after 1970.
    It has nothing to do with Russians, cost prohibitive, or else.
    My correspondence with Branko was in Yugo language, I did my best to translate.
    I hope you find this interesting
    Best regards

  2. El_Ron1


    Apr 15, 2004
    Redneck Sparta
    Interesting, thanks.

  3. All the new Yugo AK's feature american made barrels, so why arent they incorporating chrome into these new manufactured barrels?
  4. my762buzz


    Mar 21, 2007
    Extra cost.

    Some people really want it and others don't care for it.
    I think it can't hurt anything and if it adds any protection from corrsion that is a nice bonus. It definitely creates a slicker surface in the bore for less friction which means the barrel heats up considerably less per firing, chrome is more resistent to heat erosion from the hot gases than plain steel, and the slicker surface enhances cleaning. All this increases barrel bore life which isn't a bad thing. Chrome lining is different than typical plating. Here's what Bushmaster says about it.

    Then, after the barrel is fully machined, it is chrome lined, making it even tougher yet - and virtually impervious to rust or erosion. This chroming process isn't like car bumper chroming. It actually welds each chromium molecule to the steel bore. This chrome lining is far more resistant to wear than a bare steel bore and it gives slightly increased velocity due to the lubricity ("slipperiness") of the chrome. And, you'll see less fouling and easier cleaning with a chrome lined barrel - all in all, a superior product.
  5. Thanks,

    I'd pick up a yugo am if they featured cl barrels. I'm one of those guys that go by "go chrome or go home" when it comes to ar's and ak's.
  6. Daddy13


    Sep 3, 2007
    Miami, FL
    If they did I would have had at least 2 in the safe by now!!!!