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Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by Civilian sheep Dog, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Just scored some Yugo Mags and their covered in cosmoline. I'm hearing the best way to clean em' up is Boiling water. Also mineral spirits etc. but I would like to keep it simple and go with Hot water, however wouldn't that cause a rust issue? Not worried about the outside of the mag so much but wouldn':whistling:t this cause a issue with rust on the inside of the mag?

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  3. Simple Green is your friend :wavey:

    Take apart the mags and toss all the pieces into a bucket of simple green diluted with hot water. Use some old rags or shirts to wipe off whatever is left and you should be good to go.

    To prevent rust dry them completely and apply a thin coat of oil.

  4. I used a tool degreasing spray product we use at my job. I disassembled the mags and sprayed them down inside and out then wiped them thoroughly. May try the simple green next time.
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    The other way is - put them in bucket with diesel fuel for over night, than disassemble, dry them off and put them together.
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  6. G23c

    carb cleaner.
  7. The ones I have been getting, I have used just a cheap cost brake clean. However, brake clean and carb cleaner will dry out the metal. After cleaning wipe them down with a light coat of gun oil to restore the moisture in the metal.
  8. G23c

    good point. :wavey:
  9. I strip them down, and clean the main body of the mag along with the follower/baseplate in the sink with dishsoap as if they were pots and pans! Dry them off with a paper towl and reassemble. I leave the springs alone, simply because they seem like a pain to dry and a little grease would keep them from getting rust.
  10. I too am a believer in Simple Green. It gets the grease off with a little work. I have a Yugo underfolder and plenty of the Yugo mags for it. They sure liked their cosmoline over there.
  11. I've always disassembled them as much as I could and soaked for a while in solvent (usually Hoppes 9 for me) and then cleaned with a brush and oiled liberally afterwards.
  12. Wifes dishwasher?

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