Your bedside Glock...Loaded or unloaded ??

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by vyper005, May 13, 2013.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I will get some grief for this but I keep my 21SF in a small safe next to my bed with the magazines loaded but not in the gun. I've always felt most comfortable and safest doing it this way. Thank God nothing has happened to me or my family for me to test the time it takes to load the pistol and be totally prepared for a confrontation. Just curious, what is the set-up for your bedside gun ?? I've heard some people sleep with a loaded gun underneath their pillow...yikes !!

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  3. G30SF with a TLR-1S attached loaded with one in the pipe and a spare magazine. All in a bedside biometric pistol safe. I believe each person should do what makes them most comfortable.

  4. On occasions when I keep a pistol handy at night, it has a magazine in the well, hammer down on an empty chamber. I keep it within arm's reach, maybe in a drawer as I have no safe.

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  5. I sleep with my G22 Gen 4 in my hand, one in the pipe, under the pillow. Nightmares get interesting!

    No, I actually keep it on the night stand, mag in, empty pipe, spare mag next to it.
  6. This ^^ and a spare mag next to it since my bedside is a 1911.

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  7. 99z


    I have my Gen 3 G22 loaded with a round in the chamber next to the bed with a small flashlight next to that and another fully loaded mag. I also live alone so that might not work for everybody but my thinking is that if something does happen i can get to my weapon quickly and its good to go, no second guessing if its loaded or not because its always loaded.
  8. Try loading a pistol in the middle of the night after being awaken out of a sound sleep with the fear and adrenaline pumping. Might as well be a monkey trying to "have coitus" with a football. The pistol will be useless.
  9. If you're keeping it unloaded, what's the point of the safe?
  10. I keep my G22 on my nightstand shelf, mag in, not loaded, with a full spare mag and a flashlight next to it.

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  11. Loaded. SJ 40
  12. JAS104

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    Night stand glock is loaded, one in the chamber, two spare mags and a flashlight next to it. But I don't have any kids, and the fiancé knows her way around the gun.

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  13. glowrod

    glowrod Fightin' Fire

  14. I keep a G31 with tac light loaded next to me on my night stand. On my way to the bathroom at approx 6am, I swap out the 31 for the 33 out of my gun safe. The 33 is my EDC and then swap back out before turning in for the night.
  15. Glock 30 loaded
  16. Glock loaded, one in chamber, holstered on nightstand with a spare mag and surefire LX2.

    We are having a baby in a few weeks - I will need to get a bedside safe in the next year I think. It will still be loaded with round chambered while in the safe.

    **** gets too tricky when you are constantly clearing your gun when you come home every night - I like to leave all my guns with one in chamber and holstered. You have the least amount of ND risk the less you fiddle and there is no guess work if my guns are loaded - they always are.
  17. wlkjr

    G29 fully ready under the nightstand shelf held by a magnet with a strobe flashlight on top of the shelf. the strobe is blinding. No kids. My theory is "if it ain't loaded, it's just a paper weight."
  18. If you dont have kids, why not just keep it on your nightstand?
  19. Glock 23 with 15 in the mag an one chambered!Kept under the bed in a no eyes keypad gunvault...

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  20. carbuncle

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    I have slept with a holstered gun next to the bed on the floor, in a drawer in the bedside table and now in a biometric safe bolted to the nightstand (yes, thieves can carry the whole thing but will look like obvious idiots doing it). Always loaded: topped up mag with a hot chamber.

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  21. What is the rational of not keeping the mag in the gun? If there isnt one in the chamber, who cares if the mag is in or out...

    Are you worried about your kids grabbing it while you sleep and you want that one extra step?

    There is no way in hell I would want to deal with the stress of loading a mag in the dark and chambering a round while being jarred in the middle of the night from a bad guy.

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