Young Glockers III [vote here]

Discussion in 'Clubhouse Office' started by -, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. I agree, you have my vote, if you stop using that small of a font. I can hardly read it.


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  2. DanV1317

    DanV1317 GlockMeBeutiful

    I'm 19, from north east PA. Got my vote, i have a 3rd gen g17. PM me with any details or anything.

  3. I think it is a good idea! Maybe I can be the "Senior Advisor"! :)
  4. pagluy

    pagluy axed

    you have my vote too
  5. JWG_34

    JWG_34 TeamCarverMount

    You have my vote for sure! You are in the right place, yes their are a lot of us old foggies here on glock talk, but you want find a better place, with this much wisdom on the sport of shooting glocks!
    Welcome to the world of glocks and hopefully to the world of GSSF!!!!
  6. pluvo

    pluvo Experiment G26

    Another yes.

    My father taught me to shoot before I even started kindergarten and I love the idea of sharing shooting sports with kids.

    My daughter just turned 5 and has fisrt BB gun. I look forward to many years of shooting with her.

    Our Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team are all aged 14-20.

    More info on them HERE.
  7. You got my vote^5
  8. Here's my vote!

    Good luck and I hope you make it to 50!
  9. you got my vote. dadholio
  10. PromptCritical

    PromptCritical AgentOfEntropy

    Great Idea! Chalk up another YES vote.
  11. TomSplasky

    TomSplasky Encase Elegance

    Being the most famous (Or... infamous) Young Glocker here... You've got my vote.


    I'm 15, by the way.
  12. I had mentioned this very idea, oh, probably before some of you were born.:) I thought it was a great idea then and it's still a great idea.

  13. TomSplasky

    TomSplasky Encase Elegance

    "Most equipment including AR-15 rifles, calibered in .223, are provided free of charge. Bullets are donated by Sierra, and the kids get to assemble their own ammunition"

  14. Sound like a great idea, so here's another "YES".

    Guess I'll have to buy my 13 year old a Glock now!
  15. You got my vote good luck and just be responsiable.
  16. I'm in. Got my first one, the 22, when I was 14 or so I think.
  17. Guest

    I am amazed!
    I am very impressed (for lack of a better word) by everyone who has visited this little club thread i wanted to start. First off, i apologize for posting in a bunch of different forums, honestly i was trying to push my limits a little bit while trying to spread the word. Second, just to answer some of the questions that have been asked, i am 18 years old and my favorite glock happens to be the G19 which is the one i shoot best with. As a reply to TrooperDan, a Seneior Advisor would actually be a great idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I would also like to personally thank Sidearmor for helping me ou this whole time. Now to get to the vote that i have so far. Im so excited i can hardly wait...

    [1].22 boy
    [8]Jeff S.
    [13]10 Ring Tao
    [23]arnold ziffle;3
    [29]black diesel

    Welp, 32 votes so far and im so excited because im over half way there. If you guys have any other questions for me then don't hesitate to ask. Every single comment or piece of advice is welcome. Also I know a few of you out there actually know me. If you could let me know who you are with a PM that would be fabulous.

    Scarlet ~2
  18. vote early and vote often.
  19. I'm 23, former Marine, now a student again. Recently got into Glocks with a 26 borrowed/stolen from my father. Currently have a 23 and a 26.


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