"You Might Be A Gun Nut If"

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Glockdude1, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. So, what was the student's name? Remington? Colt? Winchester? Kimber? ...Kalishnikov??? :supergrin:

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  2. uh, you MIGHT be a gun nut if your friend the cop gives YOU his leftover match .308 and you put it with the OTHER match .308 in case you ever buy one....

    LC match ya just don't turn down. :)

  3. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member

    I have known several people with the last name of "Browning".

  4. Okay, turn over your gun nut card...A true gun nut would have gone out and gotten a .308 sooner:tongueout::supergrin::supergrin::supergrin:
  5. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member

    .......And more .308!!!

  6. You Move 20 Miles closer to The range and 20 miles further from work because work pays for your gas to and from work and you have to pay for it to and from the range that you belong to Because the price of gas has gone up so much you cant afford as much ammo as you used to.
  7. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member

    .......Not only do you own a Gun bible, you have a link on your computer........


  8. You invent deodorant that you call "Indoor Gunrange".

  9. How about "Francis Sturmgewehr" ?
  10. To bring it back from the dead . . . :)

    You might be a gun nut if you're friends or family members have to put the qualifier, "that isn't a gun book or magazine," whenever they ask you if you have a book or magazine they can borrow.
  11. For those expecting... if any...

    ...If while your wife was pregnant, you believe that choosing his or hers first gun is more important than choosing a name.

    ...If you use your wife's pregnacy as an excuse to buy more ammo.

    ...If your nursery has pictures of guns in it anywhere.

    ...If you shake tied up .40 brass to get your babys attention, instead of keys.

    ...If you believe this is the only justifiable misuse of spent brass.

    ...If you asked the clerk at wal-mart why none of the baby toys feature guns.

    ...If you have your son or daughters first shot's spent brass framed. (I have mine:cool:)
  12. Heh, close . . . I keep the brass from the first round I fire out of any new to me gun. They stay on the shelf above the shelf that my brass collection is on.
  13. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member

    I keep the first spent brass and the BULLET fired. I use water jugs to "catch" the bullet from each new gun I buy.

  14. Glockdude has inspired me yet again . . . Looks like some water jugs will meet an untimely demise when the new G34 goes to the range on Friday.:supergrin:
  15. Texas357

    Texas357 Señor Member

    .... you pull your cell phone out of your pocket, and it has picked up the spent brass that is also in your pocket.

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  16. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member

    Glad I could help. Try this. Use 10 water jugs. Place a piece of duct tape over the caps. (Ever had a 1 gallon jug of water "tip over" in the back of your car/truck?)

    At the range, line of 6 of the jugs in a straight line, all jugs touching. Place the remaining 4 jugs on each side of the of the #5 & #6 jugs. (2 on each side). This will help contain the bullet if it decides to fly out the side of the jug. Step back 10yds, sit down or lay down, (you want a straight as shot as possible) and aim and fire. Recovering pistol rd's is easy compared to rifle rd's!! I have recovered several of my AK rd's. They always come out of the jugs "bent" ,but intact.

    Post pics!!!

  17. Hi. guys been lurking but first post.

    If you sat down and read all 44 pages only stopping every half hour to check the tracking # link for your LWD order. To see where your TFO's, Agrip and SS gudierod are.

    If your worried they haven't been scaned in 39 hours since leaving Spokane. Hope they are okay.

    If you rationalized your order because you just finished your first AR build and think the glock is jealous.

    If you sat here reading the thread with your glock and AR because you don't want to put them away because your other guns might get jealous.

    You wonder if placeing another order before you last order arrives is bad edicate(sp?).

    If you order a phantom flash hider for your AR, but Have to make it up buy getting the glock a LWD 9mm threaded barrel and putting the flashider on first just to see how it looks.

    Damn I got issues. I thought I needed professional help until I read all these post. well maybe we all do. How could so many people be wrong?:rofl:
  18. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member


    Welcome to GT and the best thread on GT!!!!

  19. If you reach for your toothbrush in the morning and you grab your snubbie off the bathroom rack instead.
  20. Nope, we get .30-06's instead.

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