"You Might Be A Gun Nut If"

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Glockdude1, Nov 24, 2002.

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    4yrs & 600 replys!!!!!


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  2. 2 13 rounders for his G23 (he only had 10 rounders till then.), and a 40 roud drum for his 1911 (Which we found out today, the 40 rounders don't seem to work.).

    The silvertips are .357 Magnums.


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    "Whew"! I feel so much better now........... ;)
  4. But Walter didn't get me anything :sad:

  5. -if they don't make a gun safe for the exact amount of guns you have so you buy the next one up thinking "I can fill that up eventually".

    -if you think that just about 130 more threads and you can make a "gun-nut-a-day" calendar for the next 2 years.

    -if when you go to the range everybody asks "can I try it"

    -if you read every post on this topic and get all warm and fuzzy that there's a lot of people out there just like me.

    -if you see a hole in your target that ain't yours and wish it was.

    -if you can't decide which gun to hunt with, so you bring 3 because 5 might be overkill

    -if you are worried that "if I'm armed this well, other people can be too" and later try to think of a way to help arm the LEO's better.
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  7. Yup!!!:thumbsup:


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  8. Ladies and Gentleman of the Gun nut thread...

    If you notice, the reply count is now at 607 and the views is around 23,000!

    The "list had also surpassed 500 entries!!! Thanks to GunsRmyprozac, the total is now 504!!!! I am so excited.

    BTW, Welcome to the gun nut realm GunsRmyprozac!!!:welcome: This thread was started by Glockdude over 4 years ago!!! And it keeps getting better.

    (but I'm still bummed out that Walter45Auto didn't get me a Christmas present :supergrin: )
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    4 more years!! 4 more years!!

  10. :laughabove: :laughabove: :laughabove:

    I'll go for that but remember, only two "terms" are allowed. :animlol: :animlol: :animlol: :dancingbanana: :dancingbanana: :dancingbanana: :dancingbanana:
  11. thanks for the welcome, I enjoy GlockTalk, and especially enjoy you might be a gun nut if, so heres some more
    You might be a gun nut
    -if when your wife asks what you are doing online you show here the thread and she chuckles because she knows its true now, or will be soon (I skipped the sneaking guns in posts for my protection:) )
    -if when you come home with a new gun wife asks "so how much is the next one gonna cost" sarcastically, and you answer, with 3.
    -if when an anti-gunner tries to get you on their side by saying "guns kill people" you reply "I hope so, that's after what I paid, it better"
    -if when cleaning your guns after the range you think "that's it?"
    -if you spend endless hours researching how to make it "just a little better"
  12. G20-IWB24/7 posted a thread in G-N-G titled "You might be a "Glocktalk-er" if. . . . : (Link ) Some are gun nut enough to add to the list:

    If your wife/girlfriend automatically holds your non-dominant hand while shopping at the mall, so you can get to your gun faster.

    If you've ever had someone say "D%#N" after showing them your ammunition stash.

    If you’ve ever had someone Holy Sh&% after seeing your gun collection. ...And it’s the curator of a gun museum!

    If your watch and ring are NOT the most expensive metal objects in your possession.

    If you've ever rewound the movie "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" to watch the Glock 18 action again, and not to watch Angelina Jolie's figure.

    If you've ever made a comment during a movie's firefight like, "well, that gun is only an 8+1 , so you know this is totally fake."

    If someone uses the word "bug" you immediately start looking at everybody's ankles.

    If all of your favorite stores are "Surefire-authorized Dealers."

    If you carry more rounds of ammunition than there are days in the month.

    If you don't like nachos, but you've had them once at Wal-Mart anyways, "for tradition's sake."

    If you can't wait for a SHTF occasion, and double dog dare any zombies to come to your house

    If you get physically ill when you read the letters ATF

    If you have ever kissed or hugged your gun

    If you really want to/have take[n] pictures of your dogs next to your guns

    If you have pictures of your cats with your guns

    If you cringe when you see a character in a movie point a Glock and hear a the sound of a revolver hammer cocking on the soundtrack.

    If you feel the intense need to show off your arsenal at every possible moment

    If you have a special online photo album just for your favorite gun pics
  13. If someone says something about being scared that your GLOCK has no manual safety, and you take 10 minutes t explain exactly houw the GLOCK Safe Action System works..... AT YOUR FAMILY'S CHRISTMAS Dinner! (Guilty as charged!:2gun: )


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  14. -if you wonder how various substances, liquids, vegetables would react when fired with all of your cartridges, singly or simultaneously
    -if when watching shoot-em-up movies you get irritated at the amount of ammunition that can't possibly be flying and look at your own ammunition stash to see if you could show what it would actually take to do it
    -if a friend gets locked out of their house and ask if you have a key, you bring a .44mag.
    -if you can name every single gun in Mr. and Ms. Smith at first glance, and still enjoy Angelina Jolie
    -if when your local range is shut down for "Law Enforcement Officer Training" they let you in to show what they could come up against, "however unlikely"
    -if when watching television shows where guns are intentionally damaged to prove a point you want to give it a proper burial
    -if you buy a new gun planning to sell an old one to pay for it, but "never get that far"
    -if you're not quite sure why the cadence "this is my weapon, this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun" is so funny (temporarily guilty until boot camp)
    -if you try to involve guns in everything you do, such as fixing things, cooking, etc.
    -if it doesn't matter why anti-gunners don't understand because you're right anyways.
    -if when you make a large ammo purchase of 1000 rds or more, you get to your car and think, maybe just a few more boxes
  15. Sure fire way to get get one of the ME profs here on a tangent. On that note:

    . . . if you've ever brought in a bare AR-15 receiver and the engineering drawing for said receiver into class for an. example of the forging process (Design for manufacturing)
    . . . if you were one of 3 people in said class to ID the receiver as soon as the prof walked into the room.
    . . . if you've ever asked the prof if the field trip for the class was going to be to the Colt factory.
    . . . if you've ever tried to use guns as a way to sidetrack the prof for 10 minutes or so.
  16. And another two

    You might be a gun nut if
    . . . if you've ever been sitting around somewhere talking guns with one of your buddies and no less than 3 of your friends come up and say, "You really remind of that dude from Tremors," or, "Ya know, in 5 years, I can see you as the dude from Tremors."
    . . . you and your buddy both took it as a compliment.
  17. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member

    ......You own a rifle identical to the one used in Tremors........

  18. .......just so you will be prepared if they ever attack
  19. Wow, sweet thread!

    -If read the entire thread in one sitting, with a loaded AK-47 at your side.
    -If a trip through Cabellas used rifle section turned into a disertation on WW2 rifles for your travel buddy.
    -If you have ever ruined a good dinner conversation when the word gun was mentioned, and you took it way too far.
    -If you've ever gotten part time work at the local gun-shop because you spend so much time there.
    -Have wanted to shoot a water mellon with a 4bore.
    -Wondered how you could get a hold of an XM109 and just how much ammo would cost.
    -Had to tell a LEO claiming to own Class 3 equipment that everything he just claimed to posses did not qualify.
    -Spend over 2 hours with a friend talking about just how fast the Ruger .204 moves.
    -Wish you could mount a 30mm Avenger cannon to your Volvo.
    -Consider selling your car for gun money.
    -Had to choose between a wife and your guns.
    -And decided she never really stood a chance.
  20. Nope. AR15 and GLOCK 30 (As we speak.).:supergrin:
    That's happened to me in a few different gun shops.
    Nope, but I HAVE tried!
    Last Tuesday I sredded a Pumpkin with a brand new 12 Gauge.
    Why Yes. Yes I have.


    :reindeer: :50cal:

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