Yep, let's legalize drugs...

Discussion in 'Civil Liberties Issues' started by Detectorist, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. syntaxerrorsix

    syntaxerrorsix Anti-Federalist

    You continue to miss the point, but I suppose if you can listen to phone transmission as they enter your body more power to you.

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  2. series1811

    series1811 Enforcerator.

    So, you're okay with me violating Title III and listening to your phone calls because I think the federal law against that is unconstitutional?

  3. syntaxerrorsix

    syntaxerrorsix Anti-Federalist

    This is the point you miss. The US Government doesn't constitutionally own the airways just as the FCC isn't a constitutional agency.

    My phone call on my cell phone bounced of Verizon towers should be the private property of the company that funds it's transmission and myself. Therefore it would be our responsibility to reliably secure communications or to accept the fact that they could be intercepted.

    Two things are going on here, either concepts discussed here are too advanced for you or you are being deliberately obtuse.

    If you're so comfortable in your false construct of how things currently work despite how they are supposed to work fine.

    You are part of the problem, you and folks like you are responsible for the massive over reach of federal powers because you accept them at face value and don't questions the motive or legality of it.

    You're a good slave.
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  4. Bren

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    syntaxerrorsix, let's say a guy with no particular legal training or experience decided that he could understand the law better than the entire body of American lawyers going back to the beginning of the country and he approached that as if it was silly for anyone to doubt he was the greater authority. Let's say that was you, for example. Would he expect people to take him seriously?

    I would expect people to regard him as a crackpot or conspiracy nut and dismiss what he has to say.
  5. series1811

    series1811 Enforcerator.

    And, by what authority do you send your transmissions through my body? What if I think it is a violation of my rights?

    I got a 3.5 in Federal Jurisdiction and Consitutional Law I and a 3.0 in Con Law II in law school.

    How did you do?
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  6. You mean the people with a financial interest in scrambling things up?

    It doesn't take a lawyer to read the founding documents or the founders writings about them. It isn't some special code that only lawyers can possibly understand. Lets be honest, becoming a lawyer is about one of the most common things a person can do today.

    The highest lawyer in the land just effectively re-wrote a law before him to find it constitutional and did it for political purposes. Consider me unimpressed.
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  7. syntaxerrorsix

    syntaxerrorsix Anti-Federalist

    Don't take me seriously, or my links from doctors and lawyers and institutes dedicated to preserving liberty. Just sit back and complain about how the your rights are violated by the government and the people in charge of it. Do nothing useful.
  8. series1811

    series1811 Enforcerator.

    Although he does make a great example. :supergrin:

    Perpetually, but ineffectually, angry.
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  9. syntaxerrorsix

    syntaxerrorsix Anti-Federalist

    The same authority that allows you to breath my exhale. Just as damaging but alas uncontrollable.

    And in all that somehow you missed the part about judicial review and it's controversy?

    Get your money back.
  10. series1811

    series1811 Enforcerator.

    Yeah, I did. But, we didn't have the internet back then, so none of us knew as much about the law as people do now.

    (Thanks to the internet, I am an expert in seventeen different fields that I had no formal training in.)
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  11. Wrong. Sharkey7 said its just a framework. See above
  12. Good Lord, agreed on the majority

    My question was sarcastic btw
  13. I suppose if we give enough lawyers enough time we can make the Constitution say whatever it needs to say.

    No one suggested that the Constitution is supposed to represent the entire body of federal law. However it does tell the congress very specifically what it can write laws about.

    .......unless of course the court decides that "shall not be infringed" actually means "subject to whatever regulations the Congress feels is reasonable."
  14. Peace Warrior

    Peace Warrior Am Yisrael Chai

    Totally agree as far as stopping the drug trade.

    As an overview, the CIA's network maintains the vast majority of drugs flowing (e.g., heroin from Afghanistan) into the united States. If not for their network, the WOD (which is a misnomer but that point aside) would have been won decades ago, but in reality, it's not a war on drugs, it is a war against the American People and the ability for them to defend themselves against a shadow government gone rogue years ago.

    However, without the WOD, things like armed surveillance drones flying over our American cities and the militarization of our Police forces and 'Cop Shops' around America would not have been possible. While the threat from terrorists/terrorism is also being blamed and used an an excuse for all the hardware currently being set up against American citizens here in the US, certainly the WOD is being promoted as a just cause for such constitutionally illegal hardware and technologies as well.

    Here in America, the only drug dealers being arrested or having their businesses interdicted are the ones that are not within the CIA's and shadow government's "approved" network of distribution. The drug trade will NEVER stop or be stopped due to its NOW vital importance to the American economy.

    NAFTA, the free trade agreement, and the forcing of HONEST and much valued manufacturing businesses overseas, which all three have their conceptual genesis occurring at least no later than during reagan's second term, are now part and parcel to tactile movement of drugs over our national borders and subsequent distribution throughout the US. The ongoing laundering of the drug money, generated through the WOD, and the downfall of our American economy from one of almost a 100%, in-house manufacturing economy to that of a predominately service economy is resultant of the push to bankrupt the Middle Class.

    Is the WOD, in actual application, really an oxymoron? Yes.
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  15. series1811

    series1811 Enforcerator.

    People don't know the half of it.

    The typical drug user, has no idea of the manipulations, by cartels and our government, and other governments, to put that drug into his hands.

    Drug trafficking, truly is global in its politics, with the only constant being, that there has to be somebody, somewhere, willing to put s*** into his body, for it to work.

    We have record numbers of people willing to do that very thing, so it's going to be with us for a while.
  16. The overall drug addiction rate for all drugs has stayed roughly level since the war on drugs began.

    There has always been and will always be a certain number of people who will become addicted.

    It's human nature.

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  17. series1811

    series1811 Enforcerator.

    For an example, just of how much cocaine use has increased since the late sixties, read Blow, by George Jung. It is a factually accurate reporting of how much cocaine importation increased, just in the seventies.

    In the 90's, cocaine importation leveled off, simply because the cartels had saturated the market with cocaine and it was literally impossible to cultivate new cocaine users.

    So, the cartels did what any smart businessmen would do. They expanded into heroin and methamphetamine (they were already heavily into marijuana production and importation, and still are). They were even giving heroin away in the mid 90's, to their distributors, to try and develop markets for it.

    But, in the end, you have to have the user, willing to buy and ingest the stuff into his or her body, or the whole system collapses. And, we do have those people, in huge numbers.
  18. Peace Warrior

    Peace Warrior Am Yisrael Chai

    Perfectly true. From now on I will keep that in mind when writing on/about this topic. Thanks for pointing that out. (Sometimes I miss the obvious.)
  19. series1811

    series1811 Enforcerator.

    You're not the only one. :supergrin:

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