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Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by CWC, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I've recently started thinking about putting together a 20L. I've read through all the posts on here about them, but am left with one question. Yes, I know they look bad ass, and they're accurate, and the recoil is less because of the heavier slide, but how do they feel? The way a gun balances is important to me, so I've got to wonder if the 20L is a little muzzle-heavy. Lone Wolf also makes a "Tactical" length slide and barrel, that is the same length as a G34. Has anyone compared the balance of the Tactical to the Long-slide? Thanks for any input! I'm trying to avoid dropping hundreds of dollars just to find out that my new toy balances like a boat anchor.

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  2. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    They feel really good... Ummm obviously a little heavier in the nose .... IIRC, my G20L weighted about 4-5oz more than a std G20. Its not by ANY means a boat anchor... nor is it awkward. It feels good, man!!! There is a reason people like longslides!!! :)

  3. Love my longslide. Isn't much heavier than reg g20. Feels perfectly balanced in my hands. I also have a Burris rds on it too. I prefer shooting it over my g19.
  4. Of course a longslide is more nose-heavy. That's where all the extra steel is. "Balance" is completely a personal opinion, and is a misnomer anyway. I've never shot a pistol that "balances" around the grip, every single one is front heavy. More weight out front = less muzzle flip.

    Can't say I've ever thought of a revolver as "balancing like a boat anchor", and almost every revolver ever made puts all of the weight in front of the grip.
  5. Food for thought, only because I already ate it!

    Long slides are cool! That being said, when you get done, with your build, you will have, almost identical money in it, as you would purchasing a new G29!

    I've been there, recently. When you get done, you'll have a second slide, for your G20, that has a inch and a half, give or take, greater length, and somewhere around a $500 investment.

    Just something to think about. Oh, and talk about a hard to recoup your investment, if you decide to sell down the road. I'll just end with I really, really, like my G29!:wavey:
  6. I don't get it, why would you equate a long slide / long barrel setup with a shorter barrel gun? If the point is to get a longer barrel, longer slide, and all the benefits of that, why would one even consider buying a G29 instead? Totally the wrong direction. :dunno:Unless you'd just rather have 2 guns, than one really good one?
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  7. Please sell me on "all the benefits" from a long slide. I can only come up with one. a 1.5" greater sighting plane! Oh and looking :cool: isn't a benefit.:supergrin:
  8. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    More velocity from the longer barrel and longer sighting plan to make accurate hits easier for the shooter. That's about it. :supergrin:
  9. Thank you!:wavey:

    My point exactly, the only thing gained, is the longer sighting plain. The longer barrel, for increased velocity, can be dropped right in the factory slide. So in essence, one who buys, a LS, spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $400, gets a longer sighting plain, and yes, what some consider a cool factor. Oh forgot the holster, that brings it almost up to $500. Hence the reason, I said, in my first post, in this thread, "food for thought".

    I went the LS route, decided it didn't offer enough for the money, and decided to sell. Took almost a year to sell, and at a loss. Live and learn! The money was used for another Glock purchase, which just happened to be a G29.
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  11. You don't know what you don't know, I guess. :upeyes:

    Higher velocity, longer sight radius, lower recoil, more delayed slide unlocking, and overall better tolerance of heavy loads.

    If that's not for you, fine. It still doesn't make sense to suggest a compact gun in a discussion about longslides.

    And, a complete longslide setup will run you north of $500 at least. It's definitely a specialized setup, for a special purpose. Just like the G29, except they're at opposite ends of the spectrum.
  12. samurairabbi

    samurairabbi Dungeon Schmuck

    A 6" Glock barrel can shove a 200gr bullet at over 1300fps with full-power 10mm ammo. For me, that is worth spending money to achieve.

    I offer agreement to the poster that mentions the look of the G20 extended slide. With that slide on the gun, the Glock loses its "chunky" look, and becomes aesthetically beautiful. That too, to me, is worth achieving.
  13. Maybe I need to post a slow-mo video of my compensated long slide firing a 220gr WFN at 1300 fps with less muzzle flip than most 9mm's...

    Gotta find a good place to host video first though.
  14. YouTube ;-)
  15. Great, glad you like, everything, about a long slide. One question if you will. Do you need a long slide, to use the 6" barrel to shove a 200 grain bullet at 1300 fps?
  16. I would think the weight of the LS would be KEY for accuracy with those hot loads & lots more fun to shoot !!!
  17. samurairabbi

    samurairabbi Dungeon Schmuck

    The long SLIDE is not necessary; the Glock 6" 10mm barrel drops right into the G20 slide. Of course, the gun will look like it has its shlong sticking out!

    A note on aesthetics:
    I had the Glock 6" barrel, and WAS content with it. Then I bought a used LW complete 20L upper. What attracted me to it was that the original purchaser had had the slide (but not the barrel) annodized black; I have never been a fan of the standard Lone Wolf taste in finish color. After shooting it a while, I dropped the (black) Glock barrel into the slide. It is a pleasure to simply look at that (now) all black gun; the LW barrel now sits in its case in the drawer.
  18. I had a solid 6" 20L slide and never shot it. Sold it at a loss and the buyer did'nt want the 6" 10mm and 9x25 barrels. Glad he did'nt! Made no sense having 6.5" and 4" 610's. Way more accurate. If I want a deep-penetrating, 16 rd. lead hucker, the stock 20 will do.

    I've been around a while enjoying 10mm (12 years) but in reality, the 23 blows the 29 away for carry. Thinner, longer tube, better grip (full 3 finger vs. 2). Will never sell my 29 though. For a powerhouse, a 29 with hot 200's is better than a 23 with factory in any weight.

    Point is the 20L is outshined for hunting by the 6.5" 610 - case closed.
  19. Statement, and, a question. Statement is, with less muzzle flip, the transition is quicker, for faster follow up shots. Now for the question. What happens first, the bullet leaving the barrel, or, the start of the cycling motion? If you aren't sure, look up, slow motion, of a bullet, leaving a gun barrel on youtube! It shows things quite clearly.
  20. Slide starts to move a very tiny bit, but the bullet is long gone before the action unlocks, especially with the heavy longslide.

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