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Yamaha SRX 600 single

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by norton, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. This one wasn't mine, I had a red one. As I recall, it was only imported to the US one year, it was about 1986. I bought mine new from a dealer who had it sitting on his showroom for 3 years before I bought it.
    It was a 4 valve head, overhead cam single cylinder 600cc. It was a kick start only. She was an easy starter hot or cold, but anything in between, like warm, it required multiple kicks. Big 4 stroke singles like to hiccup and die at stoplights, and there is nothing like trying to kick start your bike while traffic behind you waits impatiently at the green light while you block traffic.
    I really loved this bike though. It was light, and with a pipe there is nothing that sounds like a bike 4 stroke single.
  2. I had the model earlier, the SR500. I regret to this day selling it to my cousin. I've tried to find another SR or even an SRX, but never been successful.

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    Nice job. Is that a Tamyia? My friend had a 500 also. I wish I'd have bought it when I had the chance.