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  1. I won this Mossberg 500 20Ga Crown Grade in a local raffle for a $5.00 ticket. The gold trigger kinda gives it away, but now I sighted in the ghost ring sights with Remington 2 3/4 in hollow point slugs and it is extremely accurate, light and fast on top of being short. Turned in to a very viable HD gun at a minimal investment.

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  3. Joshhtn

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    Congrats to you!!

  4. Congrats! That is a sweetie. tom. :wavey:
  5. WOW !!!! Thanks for editing my title. I don't see what was wrong with it but apparently somebody did. Those X's make a whole lot of sense.:whistling:
  6. Nalapombu

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    NICE!! Lucky You.

    I'll give ya $50 for it....

    That's 10X your investment. Where else can you get that kinda return? You just can't beat that offer....

    That would be a fine shotgun for you to use in the house. I've read that a lot of people are going to the 20gauge for HD use. They say they get close to the same payload as the 12 with a lot less recoil and its much easier to handle for women and small framed shooters. What's not to like?

    I'd like to pick up a nice little 20 gauge myself to fix up as an HD shotgun.

    Let us know how she does for you.

  7. I appreciate the offer and your right, it is a great deal for you anyway :) And the fact that I already own7 different 12 gauges meens it feels to me like a real weenie. But the way it performs I just cant argue with. From a HD stand point it's certainly got more than enough to do the job. REMEMBER, I got the original Crown Grade Mossberg in a raffle for 5 bucks, BUT as you can see, it's acquired a new 18.5 inch Mossberg breacher barrel which I just got back from Rose Action Sports having the front ghost ring sight soldered on while I installed the rear. Plus the 4 shot side saddle, synthetic furniture which I added traction tape from Brownells to the forend which is a fantastic improvement on it's hold ability and I removed the factory recoil pad and cut a steel plate to screw in it's place so when I added the Limbsaver slip on recoil pad it didn't add to the LOP. Added sling swivels and last but not least an all steel tactical safety also from Brownells so I think I'm gonna have to pass on your generous offer. At least I can recover a little by liquidating the new take off wood and new unfired vent rib barrel with 3 choke tubes that came on the gun.
    I just don't see why they don't make a 6 shot side saddle for 20 gauges. My son's 20 gauge 870 would also benefit from a 6 shot. :dunno:
  8. ChuteTheMall

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    You're not allowed to say "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" here.
  9. Ok, silly me. I see my error now. :embarassed:
  10. XXXXXXXXXX = #@*+@$^*!&%#.

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