Xs rear with regular front

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by Scooter079, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Has anyone ever tried an xs rear v style sight with a regular dot front sight. If so how did it perform

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  3. I think the big dot front sight is what makes the XS most appealing. I personally would prefer the big dot front sight and a stock Glock rear over the stock Glock front and XS rear. But that's just me. :)


  4. DakotaGlockGuy

    DakotaGlockGuy Polymer Artist

    I had the Big Dot front, and while it was great for up close (as that is what it's designed for), I opted to change it out for a standard dot front since I use the same gun for the range as well.

    There is always a trade off with anything. With the Big Dot front, you gain speed picking the front sight up (super easy) while that same sight obscures the target at ranges greater than 15 yards. Even with using the top of the sight like they say, the fact is that it is still difficult to get a nice grouping at that distance.

    After installing the standard dot set, they seem more like what I wanted. I usually go to the range once a week, and the new sights were waiting for me when I got home, so I'll have to wait until next week for a range report on them.

    HERE is a good discussion on the differences between the two.
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    I altered my stock plastic sights to something similar, and it worked great. A few minutes with a 1/4" rattail file is all it takes. These don't glow in the dark, but you could do the same thing with night sights, at least in the front.
  6. Thanks for the info my plan was actually to find a standard dot
  7. DakotaGlockGuy

    DakotaGlockGuy Polymer Artist

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get my "Range report" in, but I forgot it was Halloween the week following my post.

    I installed a Non-tritium rear, standard tritium front XS sight on my G30SF a few weeks ago. The sight picture is much better than the Big Dot for distance, but the tradeoff is that it gives up a lot of the quickness from the Big Dot front.

    Grouping for me was about the same inside of 10 yards. While I was expecting a big improvement out to 50 feet, the truth was that the standard dot was only marginally better. The problem is that any CPOA (Cover Point Of Aim) sight covers so much of the target that it's hard to know if you're a little bit off when that target is small, and by small, I'm talking about trying to hit a 1" bulls-eye dot. At 50' you are still easily covering the dot with the front sight, so it's impossible to see how much "slop" is in your sight picture.

    This little experitment did it for me. I realized that I'm much more comfortable with a traditional blade front sight.

    Update from last night: I installed a set of Ameriglo Defoor Tactical plain black iron sights and have to say I am impressed! These shoot TRUE POA/POI for me and my gun. I still need to drift the rear a bit to get the windage perfect, but once I do, I think these will be THE SIGHTS for me. They are non-tritium, but still super fast. The front sight is also very thin (.115), which makes accuracy exeptional with them.

    The best part??? They were $34 delivered!

    I now have to say I agree with what I've been reading for months which is, if you are looking for a great close quarters combat sight, the XS Big Dot is hard to beat. On the other hand, if you're looking for pin point accuracy, then these are definately NOT the way to go!

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