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  1. I've been good this year, only picking up a G36 and a Kimber Solo CDP.

    Today, I grabbed a XDs from my LGS($509), and went out during lunch and put a couple mags thru it.


    I know it's early, and 10 shots does not a great pistol make, but first impressions are very positive. it may replace my Walther PPS as my winter EDC.


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  2. you like your Solo ?

  3. I really do like it. I heard all of the horror stories, but mine runs just fine.
    It replaced my LCP.
    And I think the XDs will replace the PPS.
    So for summer, I'm going from 380-->9mm.
    Winter going from 9mm--> 45ACP.


    PS My LGS has 2 Solo's left, $999 cash. This is the CDP with laser, night sights, checkering, etc.
  4. elde

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    Keep us advised on that striker issue some are having with the new XDs. See XD Forum for details if not aware.
  5. G26S239

    G26S239 NRA Patron

    Congrats kevin.
  6. How does recoil compare between the 36 and XDS?
  7. stmcelroy

    stmcelroy Holster Maker

    Patiently waiting for my XDs to show up tomorrow. Will be hitting the range after I pick it up to put 100-200 rounds through it.
  8. Funny as the xds has less flip- its more of a straight back push.

    Honestly recoil does not affect me much though.

  9. dang, you are a lucky guy. i'd be happy with one of those per year:cool:
  10. Congrats on the new XD-S! I just picked up mine the other day, and am pretty excited to get it out to the range this weekend.
  11. Lucky dog, yellowlab! My buddy picked one up and got to shoot it. Impressed on how flat it shot from a short/small poly lower. Would really like to own one and retire the G26 from the hip.
  12. Congrats on your XDS. I haven't seen any in the local shops yet. I really would like to check one out.
  13. BuckyP

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    I have about 500 rounds through mine now. Really like the gun. Thankfully, no light strike issues.

    Is there a difference in size between the Solo and XDS? Just wondering why one is summer, and one is winter carry?
  14. I think the light striker issue is a non issue. So far, the few (I believe the total is 7) that have been returned to Springfield have been determined to be non problems. Springfield is reporting that the XDS needs to be cleaned and lubed good for the first 500 rounds during break in. After that it is good to go. The returned guns, when cleaned and lubed worked perfect. When you read through the forum, you will find that most are reporting that the gun runs fine up to 40 or 50 rounds and then they start to experience some light striker issues (one every additional 30 or 40 rounds). When cleaned and lubed the problem goes away again. I believe the XD line spoiled everyone into the idea that any Springfield can be shot and shot without cleaning or lubing at all and not have any problems. The new XDS is a different animal altogether.
  15. Solo is quite a bit smaller- it's dang close to pocket carry.

  16. BuckyP

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    Good to know, thanks. :wavey:
  17. elde

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    Great info....thank you for the response.

  18. To those that own an XDS , can you rack the slide without gripping the grip-safety ? On my older XD-9 I could not do this .
  19. Yes I just tried it.

  20. BuckyP

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    I will also confirm this. The XDS is more GLOCK like than traditional XD like when it comes to the trigger system. It uses a trigger bar to move the striker, no sear like the XD-NO-S :supergrin:. The grip safety on the XDS blocks the trigger bar, having no effect on slide movement.

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