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Xds 45

Discussion in 'The XD Club' started by border bandit32, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Any new reviews thinkin bout gettin one as i dont have a 45acp as of now. Likes... Dislikes
  2. Bueller.... Bueller.... Bueller....

  3. F_G


    Jan 11, 2010
    Crown King, AZ
    Love mine. Haven't shot any of my Glocks for the past 2 months since picking up my XDS. Manageable recoil from such a small package, accurate as heck, very concealable.

    Some have had issues, but mine has been flawless through 750 rounds. Don't like the 7 round mags, thankfully I only bought 1. Some really like the 7 rd mags. It came with the small grip insert, I have pretty big hands and like the small insert, some guys like the big insert.

    Did I mention I love it?!?
  4. oldsoldier


    Jun 22, 2008
    I tried mine out for the first time today. I put 100 rds of 230g FMJ and 10 rds each of 230g HST and 185g Golden Saber. I did not have any malfunctions and the felt recoil is surprisingly light for this small of a gun. I tried to get it to malfunction by limp wristing, shooting single handed left and right handed and sideways as if I was laying on the ground. It never missed a beat. Accuracy is excellent. I chronographed the HST at 810 FPS and the Golden Saber at 930 FPS. Not bad from such a short barrel. As noted on several sites the 230g velocity was not as far off factory specs as the lighter 185g. Felt recoil was a little less with the 185g but not that much of a difference. I will use the 230g as a self defense load. I also have and do not like the 7 rd magazine except as a spare mag. The XD-S is now my primary carry gun. Edited: The gun shot to POA and the sites do not need adjustment. There is nothing I dislike about the gun. Yet.
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  5. ricklee4570


    Sep 11, 2009
    It is a winner for sure. Mine has been accurate and reliable through 500 plus rounds.
  6. I carry my XDS as my primary daily carry CCW - loaded with 45 Super ammunition from Underwood Ammo. 10mm Auto power with a bigger Gold Dot bullet from the easily concealed XDS - love it!

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  7. 45 Super? How's the recoil on that? I've used 45 +P in mine and the kick is noticeably bigger than standard rounds.
  8. I don't find it unmanageable - but then I'm not recoil sensitive. Think of it as a +P+ 45 ACP load... Do your part - and the pistol handles it well, with no signs of excessive wear.

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  9. OK. The recoil from 45 +P isn't too bad but I would hate to fire over 100 rounds. But I can't imagine a defensive situation where I would do more than 2 mags of 45 +P, so I may treat myself to a box of 45 Super just for the hell of it.
  10. Good stuff from Underwood Ammunition - he is reasonable and the advertised velocities are not exaggerated like other specialty ammo makers...

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