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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Scott in Houston, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Scott in Houston

    Scott in Houston

    Oct 6, 2009
    Is this stuff better quality than their target ammo? Or is it the same quality, with a JHP bullet in place of the FMJ?

    Anyone ever tested it?
  2. JBP55


    Mar 4, 2007
    There are many better options available, HST, PDX 1, Ranger T, Gold Dot, Golden Saber, Cor Bon, etc. I know I did not answer you question directly as I would use it for range ammo. unless I had nothing else.

  3. mitchshrader

    mitchshrader Deceased

    Jun 14, 2005
    You have to decide which ammo you'll trust according to your own standards. Some folks want whatever's latest and greatest, other folks want the most affordable SD/ practice ammo, cause they shoot what they carry, and some mix and match without much concern as long as it goes bang.

    I'm in the 'cheapest SD ammo by the case' crowd cause I think shooting what you carry is conservative and sensible and safest.

    Others don't. It takes all kinds to make a horserace, let your conscience be your guide. No ammo comes with a guarantee to win gunfights.
  4. SIGShooter

    SIGShooter Hucklebucks

    Jan 25, 2005

    Having shot about 20,000 rounds of their Personal Defense ammunition IMHO it is on par with their target ammunition.

    With that, it is a great, economy line of SD ammo. It works, bottom line. It is consistent, accurate and it gives you the same POI as your training ammunition does.

    You will get a lot of varying answers on this particular question. The above is just my opinion. I've done side by side tests (Nothing scientific) comparing the WWB 125 Gr. JHP to Speer, Ranger and Federal 125 Gr. .357 SIG ammunition. The WWB held its own amazingly. I found it to be more accurate than the Rangers and Speer. It expanded as well as the others and it penetrated as well as the others.

    If I didn't have a 2,000 round investment of Rangers I would be carrying the WWB 115 Gr. JHP (9MM) and the WWB 230 Gr. JHP (.45 ACP). I carried WWB 125 Gr. JHP .357 SIG for the better part of 2 years.

    I would go out and buy a box or two and try them out. Maybe even set up a non-scientific test yourself. Compare them to a couple different uber tacticool rounds.

    Again, just my opinion and experiences.
  5. Scott in Houston

    Scott in Houston

    Oct 6, 2009
    Thanks guys. I know there are better ammo options, and I own several great brands for SD carry ammo. I don't really plan on carrying the WWB SD JHP.

    I'm really just curious how the Winchester White Box SD JHP ammo compares to the target load?
  6. Scott in Houston

    Scott in Houston

    Oct 6, 2009

    Awesome info! Thanks!!