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WTS/WTT Complete decked out Custom SOCOM Mfg. AR15 W/ side cocking upper

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by militantzero, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. militantzero


    May 1, 2007

    Just like it says, this rifle is tricked and complete. It is duracoated OD green. I gaurantee you will not find another AR like this anywhere. ~750 flawless rounds fired. I'm starting out fresh on this site as far as feedback goes, but I have over +167 on under the same username, so deal in confidence.

    Lower specs:
    SOCOM Mfg. Diamond series lower(incredibly rare and solid lower). These lowers are not forged or cast, these are milled from a SOLID Block of Aircraft grade aluminum. these lowers are very rare and sought after, being in no small part to the fact that they make Noveske lowers look like toys.(and I'm not flaming Noveske, I have 2)
    -JP adjustable trigger
    -Ergo grip
    -A2 stock w/ trapdoor

    Upper Specs:
    The upper was custom built bythe owner of SOCOM Mfg as an award for the winner of the 7-mile range shoot in Kingman,AZ a few years ago. It is a side cocking (left side of reciever) upper. the beauty of this upper, is that the charging handle is still completely functional. The cocking handle is solid steel and won't break, because of lesser designs from companies like Spirit Arms, with plastic cocking handles experiencing breakages on the handles themselves. So with this one, it has redundant features. It too is duracoated OD green, with a detachable carry handle also duracoated to match. The forearm is a KAC RAS w/ a KAC VFG. The barrel is the renowned Olympic Arms 16" HBAR w/ no muzzle device attached. I took off the OLY muzzle break since it sounded like a Howitzer, and haven't gotten around to replacing the brake with a flash hider.

    Sell for $2000 or swap/partial swap for the following:
    SOCOM M14
    HK SL8's(Black only,preferably w/ some conversion work done)
    HK USC/UMP conversions
    High End 1911's
    Railed 1911's,possibly + cash
    CCW guns in .45 or 9mm
    Sig Pistol's
    Glock 19,26,21
    Possibly PTR-91, preferably done up
    2 KISS AR's
    1 Kiss AR w/ a Leupy CQ/T or ACOG
    Robinson XCR
    Springfield SAR 4800
    HK clone rifles
    Or make an offer, the worst I can say is no thanks!
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  2. militantzero


    May 1, 2007
    Killer offers so far guys, not really looking for tommy guns or AK's right now though, and I have a MK23 already... Keep them coming.