WTS:Surefire E2D NIB $95.00 shipped OBO

Discussion in 'Misc. Gun Stuff' started by HKG36, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. I have a brand new in the box Surefire E2D that I no longer neeed due to the switching to LED light. I am only asking for $95.00 shipped OBO and the preferred method of payment is USPS MO.And if you have any question please PM me. Thank you!!

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  2. [​IMG]

  3. p.m. sent..
  4. Right back to you!!
  5. back at you...

  6. did you send the light yet?
  7. Will send it this week. Just got back from my business trip.
  8. "True Believer", you most like have been had...

    George Tsai is a liar and a thief. He has swindled folks at several forums, having fraud transactions at SIGForum, TheHighRoad, AR-15.com, and probably others. He was recently banned from SIGForum

    He has advertised several items on several boards and taken thousands of dollars without shipping items. He goes by different names, has multiple addresses, and cannot be trusted.

    Det.Gubernet of the Gardena PD is currently putting together a felony fraud case against him as a result of the scam he perpetrated on the SIGForum.

    Buyer- definitely beware.

    If you are already one of Georges victims, please contact Det. Gubernet at Gardena PD. 310-217-9618 or email jgubernat@gardenapd.org

    George- I know you are reading this. We warned you. You cannot hide.

    I expect you will post a "What are they talking about, why is everyone after me?" reply, or maybe your stock "Everyone will get there _____ within the next week, I have a million dollar business besides what I do here, I am not out to take anyones money, sorry, sorry, sorry" message.

    The gig is up, go crawl under a rock and die "Somewhere in the desert..."
  9. mark123

    mark123 Jesus Loves You

    Do you suppose he is running scams here to get money for the refunds over at sigforum that he was ordered to pay before he gets taken to jail? Pfft, Georgie has more balls than brains.

    This guy has already been given more than enough chances to make things right. http://sigforum.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/320601935/m/400106398

    Don't wait to turn him in.
  10. I have not conned anybody on this board and In this case I send the merchandise first before I even get the fund. So I don't think I am running a scam here. By the way. I do have E2D in stock

  11. when i get the light i'll let you know...let me know when you shiped?
  12. Hey George...you little dick. How about sending the batteries or my refund. You have only had my money a couple month's now. You little cockroach...send me my money. This guy is a major headcase that has taken lots of people...don't send him a penny. I think your time is up with the Detective...your gonna look real good to Bubba in the County.
  13. Send me your name and address and I will go ahead process your refund ASAP. Thank you!!
  14. Sure...I'm holdin' my breath.
  15. Hey George, You've had MY money for batteries for over a month now from Sig Forum and I've sent you my address for a refund via e-mail every other friggin' DAY. How come I haven't heard from you, Georgie? I have filed a complaint against you with the detective in your home town as well. Send me my money BACK, you little
  16. Trying to scam funds to pay people back on SIGforum eh Georgie? Where's my money or batteries?
  17. Knuckler

    Knuckler 10-32 X2

    This assclown is a scammer and a criminal!! BEWARE!!

    Read this post from Sigforum...this is when the complaints started.

    Read this post. This is from the detective that has been building
    a case against him. .To Date, the detective has received OVER 30 CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS!!


    This is a copy of a post from Sigforum that lays out most of the facts....except for the fact that this moron has threatened to shoot people with a shotgun, has claimed that he has worked out a deal with the detective, and if anyone else complains, that he will no send their merchandise.

    "After watching this train wreck start this weekend, and after researching
    this guy on other boards, I have to add a few comments. As an LEO,
    there are alot of crimes that I cannot do much about.....because
    the victims will not take the steps to get me involved. They want to
    whine about it, tell me how they feel, etc...but don't want to actually
    take the steps that would allow me to get involved.

    We, here at SIGForum, seem to be going about this the wrong way.
    We keep sending emails, posting in the classified section, and try
    to keep engaging the guy in arguments. This is the wrong way to deal with this!

    This assclown is pulling this scam all over the internet. Glocktalk, AR15.com,
    Sturmgewehr.com, thefiringline.com, candlepowerforums, gunboards.com,
    uzitalk.com, subguns.com, sturmgewehr.com, hkpro.com, ebay , etc.
    He goes by numerous names : "TacticalJoe", "Joeybadabang", "Joeybadabang86",
    "Joeybadabing", "JT20040", "JoeBiggie0070".

    Everyone on these boards uses the same tactic: emails, posts, and trying to hassle the guy, hoping that he will "man up" and do the right thing.

    These tactics are failing for one simple reason: This assclown enjoys all of the attention. He thinks that this is fun. He enjoys playing with people, enjoys the conflict, and gets off on getting over on people. HE IS LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF THIS!

    Here is an email that he sent to someone at AR15.com
    Hey Manny! Do you want to know a secret. I used to work for the U.S. Govt as a operative and I am not making this up. And that is the reason why I enjoy this cat and mouse game so much. You see. I have the money to pay everybody off and I know the law very well. Mail Fraud charge is very very hard to press unless there's a lot of money and enough evidence involved. But for some reason I found myself enjoy the posting that everybody made about me. I mean I found myself sucked into it. I went to college without paying a dime myself but the U.S.Govt paid fo all my tuition and expenses. When I made all the posting on the gunboards. I am not just talk the talk. I still have my contact, And you know that I spoke to CPUFED several times on the on the phone and I think he is a good guy. Afterall. He is trying to protect me from getting into harms way. But the more people posting about me the more I start feel like I am the James Bond. It's almost like you are the race car driver. Even though there's alot of people who is going to dislike me because of how I am but there's going to be a lot of people who like me just because of how I am. All I can tell you is that I have been getting some fan mail as well. So talk to you later.

    This assclown, apparently, is so lonely, or sick, that he craves this.
    We keep giving it to him, along with our money. It's a win-win for him.
    In the meantime, the good people he scammed are sitting around angry,
    frustrated, and feeling helpless about resolving the issue. We keep hoping
    that HE will resolve the issue for us, and keep trying to get him to do so.
    He is not going to do it, guys. Why would he? He is getting exactly what he wants.

    The one thing he does not seem to like is attention from law enforcement.
    He routinely refunds money to the LEOs that he has scammed, because he is scared
    that he will have to face some consequences.

    Instead of sitting around, hoping that he will do what you want him to,
    it is time for the people on this board to finally grow a pair, and put a stop to this. Get a copy of your postal money order, and a copy of the posts, and emails that
    relate to your transaction. Call your local Postal inspector, and file a complaint.
    Also, file a complaint with the Gardena, California police department. He has
    been investigated in the past by Investigator Gubernet and his phone number is 310-217-9618.
    In addition, The FBI has a fraud division. Enough contact from different people,
    and they will pay attention.

    This assclown's real name is George C. Tsai, and he lives in Gardena, California.
    Some of you should have a street address for him....share it with the group.

    Use this board for something more than impotent whining, and pathetic pleas to get your money back. Use it to coordinate an effort to finally stop this assclown, and give him what he deserves. Share information, prosecute him, and pool rescources. If 20 people all file complaints, the PD, Postal Inspector, and the FEEBs will have to do something.

    This assclown is a common criminal, running a scam. Deal with him as such."
  18. why hasn't this guy's acoount been locked?

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