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WTS Herters Press and much more Reloading Equipment

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by israel 54, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. israel 54

    israel 54 I'm here now...

    I am selling for a friend all of his reloading equipment. He has a Herters single stage press that I believe is a model 3. A RCBS magnetic scale, RCBS Reamers, Lee priming tools for pistol and rifle, Case trimmer, tumbler, seperator, measurer, powder despenser, Lee primer pocket and a list of RCBS Dies as follows, most of which are 2 piece sets.
    7.7mm Jap.
    44 mag.
    45-70 gov.
    8mm mauser
    6.5x55 Swed. mauser
    17 Rem. and a few others that have been put away due to lack of use...

    Even have some powder for both pistol and rifle. Would like to sell as a whole and asking $500 for all of this equipment together but may part in out as groups or indiviuals. For the dies, $30 each. The press alone is $100 OBO. would prefer to do FTF as most of this stuff is not very light for shipping. All REASONABLE offers will be considered. Will get pics up as soon as possible.

  2. israel 54

    israel 54 I'm here now...

    PRICE REDUCTION!!! $75 for the press!! $25 EACH FOR THE DIES! $450 for all of it!!!
  3. israel 54

    israel 54 I'm here now...