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  1. If some fool was to buy this, could even get warranty work for either of these guns?

  2. stolenphot0

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    only on the slide I would think. Glock will replace the frame for $265ish I think I heard last.
  3. Factory parts installed by the factory. That is awesome. You don't see that everyday.
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    Haha :wow:!! I'm amazed at the prices they want for those two terrible stippled Glocks by their multiple talented in house gunsmiths. I get why people do it, but to me it makes the gun look ugly as hell. Never been a fan stippling since I've only seen one good stipple job on a Glock.
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  5. First off no way I would pay that kinda scratch for either one or any Glock for that matter. Still if the guy can sell them for that price more power to him. Value is often a very subjective quality. Remember one man's junk is another's treasure.
  6. That's Del-ray shooting center for ya.
  7. Wow!, I think you might be right. I see the seller is DSC, could they really stoop that low to rip people off like that?
  8. He never even emailed me back after the comments I sent him.
  9. M 7

    M 7

    What kind of comments ya' send him? :devildance:
  10. If it is Delray shooting center, they are fairly decent sized shooting range.
  11. Boy, that is one butt-ugly Glock!
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  14. some homeboy would buy that is he could get by the ffl.
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    Notice that they didn't even cover the SNs up? I guess they figure that even if they were stolen, there is no way that the original owner would want either one of those back. :supergrin:
  16. The auction ended but he re-listed it again for $900.00, I tried to Google Matt K stippling but for some strange reason his name didn't come up. Google must be on the fritz. :supergrin:
  17. Yeah, I guess its a repeating auction. Hopefully, nobody is stupid enough to buy it.

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