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  2. Fire_Medic

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    Wow! Lol.......

  3. $900.00 for just a stipple job!:rofl:
  4. Man someone went to the extreme on with the soldering iron LOL... I swear some people think more is better ... maybe I can do that to my 27 and sell it for that kind of money.... crazy
  5. That has to be the absolute worst carving and soldering iron job I have ever seen on any Glock EVER. SJ 40
  6. The only thing that would make me prouder would be to see that someone from Florida also buys it at that price.
  7. stolenphot0

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    Those are Pureform prices.
  8. what do you expect from a "Custom" Glock?
  9. M 7

    M 7

    Yeah, horrible. I have nothing against a good retexture/stipple, but that is just...horrendous.

    It is listed as:

    Item Condition: Factory New

    Uhh, not anymore it ain't! :freak:

    What a mess. :shakehead:
  10. Well, the stippling WAS done by Matt K. Matt...
  11. RonS

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    I was on Amazon the other night buying some batteries and books. One of the books was a pretty common paperback my daughter was looking for. Used price was a couple of bucks but somone had listed a new copy for $1600+. I guess there really is one born every minute.
  12. lol I almost forgot about that guy

    What is his new name again?
  13. Not only is it a crazy expensive stipple job, but the trigger guard looks like it would snap in half if you squeeze too hard.
  14. Yea, I thought that as well. That trigger guard is super thin. :upeyes:
  15. stolenphot0

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    Msims or something like that.
  16. do i get a reach around with that?
  17. My only gripe with that stipple job is that it is only a partial.
    He should have invested a little more time and stippled every square millimeter of plastic. Dust cover, inside the trigger guard, hell even the trigger itself. Now that would show some commitment.
  18. I just sent the seller this message...

    I wouldn't pay the price of a new Glock for that.

    Stippling plastic with a soldering iron does not add value to the gun. Hopefully, nobody is stupid enough to get ripped off like that. Wow

    I can't stand sellers trying to rip people off on Gunbroker.
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  19. Yeah, I just sent him the message above.
  20. Matt K. must be at the top of his game to demand that kind of cash for his work. :rofl:

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