WTF? Grant, Tory, and Kari are leaving Mythbusters?!

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by F14Scott, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. At the end of tonight's episode, Adam and Jamie said it's been a great ten years, played a 30-second montage, and wished them all good luck.


    They said future shows will be only Adam and Jamie. Sounds like a money issue. Still, I have noticed that there has been almost zero interaction between the duo and the build team for the last few seasons.

    Still, end of an era. I'm bummed, since I really liked the youthful interaction of the three.

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  2. I didnt even know the show was still on! Shouldnt they have ran out of myths five years ago?


  3. Joshhtn

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    Interesting... I liked all 3.
  4. :shocked: Whaaaaa!?!

    I am watching the new episode right now! I want to see what they say about that...

    My hunch is that they are getting their own show. They have been doing the rockets, robots and punkin' chunkin' stuff.

    I have noticed a loss of chemistry over the past few years between Adam and Jamie as well. Jamie seems to be turning into an ass that doesn't want to play along anymore... He has no sense of humor and gets openly irritated with Adam.

    I hope they are getting their own show. I love those three, and wish them a ton of success.
  5. That show jumped the shark ages ago.
  6. HiddenEyes

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    Cool when they blew something up.

    As far as busting myths...:rofl:

    Mr. HE:cool:
  7. Adam and Jamie have never made it a secret that they're not friends. Adam is (or was, at least) an employee. When the Discovery Channel came to Jamie with the idea for Mythbusters, Jamie himself knew he didn't have the charisma to carry the show (showing how intelligent he truly is) and told them he was going to bring in Adam as a co-host.

    I don't think there's any lost chemistry. Watching recent episodes they seem about the same to me.


    They are indeed leaving! Wow.
  9. Yea, in fact in the first few seasons, you could tell they were trying to bring up the tension between A&J but clearly that isn't the direction they wanted the show to go. But Jamie lately has just acts like he's over it, and doesn't even pretend to play along anymore.

    My gut feeling is that they TG&C are getting their own show(s).
  10. Might be a spin off in the works.
  11. TBO

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    No guys stepping up to offer room and board to Kari?
  12. I gotta couple of spare rooms :supergrin::supergrin::supergrin:
  13. Spare rooms???

    I got extra room in my bed!!!
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  14. johnson8861

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    Good, Grant, Tory and Kari can form a show with out the two f n nerds on it.
  15. You mean Kirgi's got extra room?!? :whistling:
  16. from E!:

    Grant and Tory had similar tweets, so I think they are getting their own science show!
  17. Jason D

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    1. Project Mayhem

    Stay tuned for the new Mythbusters spinoff titled Boobs and the Other Guys.
    Kari and the other two were the only reason to watch.
  18. Bout time.... Some changes are made. Jamie has out grown the show long time now. Adam is just silly. Hope the kids get into something beside seeing how much they can blow up.
  19. Mythbusters went past its use by date after the first two seasons.
    Most of the crew members are not that appealing as presenters.
  20. Geeorge

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    Kari can be the stunt double for the Wendy's girl

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