WTB (Used): G23 or Glock SIG .357

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by FirefighterEMT33, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. In Central Florida looking to purchase my first firearm. New firearms are far too expensive. Anyone who is selling send a PM. Meanwhile I'll scour the forums. Thanks.

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  2. if you're an EMT you should be able to get a LEO discount on a new glock from a few different retailers. Otherwise, you'll have to check the classifieds. I've seen quite a few glock for sale in the CFL/SFL area.

  3. Frmboybuck

    Frmboybuck ***** medic

    Firefighters, Emts, LEO, agents...ETC all qualify for LEO pricing. Brand new G23 with 3 hi-cap mags is $398

  4. I also heard if you join GSSF you can get a cert to get the same price as a LEO.
  5. Thanks everyone. Yeah I saw in the Firefighter/EMS forum that now we get the LE discount so I'll be picking up a new one hopefully soon. Thanks for all the help. Take it easy.

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