WTB HK45c (Central Texas)

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  1. **** update 2/18*****
    I have bought one, Thx GT.

    Hello Board Members,
    I am in the market to buy a reasonably priced used American or German made HK45c.

    With all due respect, Please no offers for HK USP compact models as that is not quite what I am looking for.

    I do not mind plenty of shots fired through the pistol as long as it has been cared for and not beat up. Slight holster wear is OK with me.

    All factory items are preferred (ie.. 2 mags, brass, manual, lock, backstraps)
    I am a lefty so I will buy my own conceled carry holster.

    If you are willing to part with yours, I would be glad to hear from you.
    My preferred FFL will accept from individuals if this will help keep the cost down.

    I am a mature buyer and will not waste your time.
    Thank you.
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  2. Bump for more looks.

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