WTB 500 rounds of 9mm ammo

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by glockdeerhunter, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. want to buy 500 rounds of ammo just to target shoot, but wont jam with my G17 with an extended barrel and compensator.

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  2. I've always had really good experiences with www.bulk-ammo.com. Low prices and decent shipping rates.

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    +3 on SGAMMO. Good selection, too. (Had to add SOME different point... :supergrin:)
  4. I just ordered from sgammo for the first time and they had my order boxed and shipped within a day or so. It wasn't a small order either. 1K rounds of .40 and 1K rounds of 9mm (65.5lbs).
  5. I guess i'll be +4 on SGammo.com

    They get your order out fast....
  6. I just placed my first order with SGAmmo about 10 minutes ago based on your reviews here.
  7. 100 packs of winchester white box 115gr at wal mart
  8. I feel like we're really over complicating what is a simple matter of buying five one hundred round Federal or Winchester 115gr packs at the local Wal Mart.
  9. UMC 250 packs are not bad in a pinch from Wally world. Not the cheapest but if you don't have bulk on hand (match / class) it runs clean and goes bang for 250 a 1000.
  10. How come this gets to stay in "General Glocking" but two of my threads specific about the function of my Glock get moved to the far, untraveled reaches of the forum?
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    why does everyone say ships fast. I order online and it ships the same day. is there another way?
  12. my thoughts are along the same lines. how come this isn't posted in the classified section?
  13. Best to PM a Moderator about stuff like that. The search function covers most "my glock is broke what do I do about it / which ejector should I run" posts in triplicate.

  14. Exactly. If your close to one, why go any where else? Unless youre willing to pay more cause you hate Wally.
  15. I have to pay $175 for 5 100 round boxes of WWB .40 range ammo at walmart but at SGAmmo.com I pay $151 for 500 rounds range ammo. I get better deals on 9mm ammo there too then I get a walmart..
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