WST or WSF for 9mm 124gr jhp

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    I wasn't happy about how Unique metered in my 550B either until i tried this product. You got to have patience to install it but it was well worth it.

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  2. OH ok... I've got several loadbooks.. just had not looked in it for WST data yet.


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    Wish you had flipped the page and posted the 147gr data too... :cool:
  4. That 5.0 WST listed matched up perfectly to what came out of my chrono.

    I can't figure out how WSF,loaded at the same charge weight can be the same velocity as WST as some have listed.

  5. This data is from the 4th edition Hornady manual.
  6. Same here. I chrono'd 5.0gr at 1060fps.
  7. There is no WST data for 147gr bullets in this manual.
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    I was just thinking it would be nice to see their recommended powders/charges for the 147gr heavyweight.

  9. 3.2 - 3.8grns. WST w/147grn. bullet lead or plated, OAL 1.150", good for 940fps from a 4-5" barrel (3.8grns.).

    I've shot thousands of 3.8grns. for practice, steel, USPSA, etc. Accurate, clean burning, low recoiling it's a great GP 9mm round.
  10. What I don't get about that posted manual for 124gr WST data (or for any of the powders) is that they've posted data for 124gr FMJ/JHP/LRN. LRN typically takes a reduced charge range to get similar velocities to jacketed. How can they say with all those powders, a given charge rate of the appropriate powder will yield 1100 fps regardless of bullet type?

    BTW, I've emailed Hodgdon several times, and their stance is there is no safe data for WST in 9mm.

  11. More then likely because the differences will be marginal enough not to be an issue. I've never differentiated bullet types/materials unless working at the very lowest charge weights.

    Hodgdon apparently hasn't bothered to develop any data for WST/9mm. Back in the day even Winchester never offered data for it. That doesn't make it unsafe to use otherwise there'd be thousands of us dead, crippled, or maimed by now.
  12. Unique was giving me fits in my 550B last spring. I filled the Powder Measure Tube up with Unique and then threw 600 rounds of 10mm and 300 rounds of .45 ACP and then I threw another 400 rounds of 9mm. I just kept filling the tube up as I used up the powder. By the time I was loading the last of my 9mm, I had tons of variance on the powder throws. I think the powder may have gotten compacted.

    This weekend, I loaded up 500 rounds of my 9mm 115 grain load with Unique. I watched it pretty closely and it never varied even a 10th of a grain while I loaded 500 rounds.

    I took care to make sure the powder did not get compacted.

    1. I made sure that I never had more than 1/2 inch of powder in the main well of the Powder Measure Tube (about 75 rounds worth).
    2. I let the powder get low enough on occassion so that the divider in the tube showed.
    I still have the better part of a four pound canister of Unique, so I'm glad I was able to get it to meter well. If you're willing to experiment, and make frequent powder measurements, I think this might be worth trying. I'd be interested in seeing if this works for anybody else. Otherwise, I'll blame the usual culprits: sunspots and gremlins.
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  13. unique being compacted makes sense. i noticed the other day that it was dead on in my lee perfect powder measure. i let the powder sit overnight and i had a half grain differece in some lods the next day.
  14. Thats why a real powder baffel makes a difference. The last .75" inch under the baffel never gets compacted by the powder above it. Its still important to settle powders and opperate the press consistently. If you load fast then move the handle the same when you throw test loads. It's not a huge difference but it's important to be consistent. For me the biggest problem was if you have a stoppage like a case that hits the sizing die off center. The powder will get jostled badly and the throw will not be the same.

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