WST or WSF for 9mm 124gr jhp

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by themighty9mm, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Ok I may try one last powder before I stick with something solid. I tried tightgroup, and so far have loved the results, using 4.0gr TG over a 124gr MG JHP out of a beretta 92fs. Dont remember which most prefer for the same bullet WSTor WSF. Not much load data for WST, WSF seems pretty common. So wich should I try? I think I wanna try WST but dont know any data for it. BTW the press I'm running is a dillon 550 if that matters

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  3. I loaded 1k of 124gr Pd fmj with 5 gr wst and this load is very accurate and cycles well. usually,I don't load this many of 1 load,but this one make me very happy.

  4. I myself just wanna stick with 1. I'm really new, I have loaded a grand total of 1200 rounds. Tried unique, doesnt measur well with my 550, switched to TG like it alot, no real complains other than its hard to see inside the case. Wanna try WST (I think) as these 2 powders (again I think wst ccould be wsf thus the reason for this thread) people seem to be really happy with. I would try solo but dont have a chrono so its kinda out. I have no qualms playing around with thing, but mostly just wanna find as load or 2 I am happy or even better thrilled with. So far TG is most excellent for me but I wanna see if I can get the same or better result minus the 1 quaral I have with it
  5. the only time i have used TG is with a 147gr plated and the accuracy was very dissappointing.

    I use WSF mainly for lead loads as I have found it smokes less than using the hotter stuff.
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    Fred(i think) has posted a lot of WST data here...
  7. Giben I was only shooting at 7 and 15 yards but at 7 yards I was putting bullet on top of bullet using TG, at 15 yards I was keeping them well inside 4 inches and I'm not a great shot by most accounts. I was satisified. Just wanna try 1 more good powder and see the results
  8. I went with WST in all my 9mm weights and its great!.:cool::cool::cool: I worked them up per Fred's suggestions and a few others and they were perfect. Nice and soft like TG, but the brass is clean and cool.:cool::cool:

  9. 4.5-5.0grns. WST w/124grn. bullet.

    I use 5.0grns. myself for 115/124s. This falls somewhere between 1150-1180fps depending on barrel length. Excellent accuracy, clean burning, and low recoiling the fact that WST meters extremely well is just frosting on the cake.

    I only use WSF in the 9mm for +P loads. If you ever go that route try 6.2grns. w/124 JHPs. Good for 1250fps, give or take, and is the most accurate hot 9mm reload I've seen in 40 years of rolling my own.
  10. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    4.1 gr of wsf behind 124gr mg is a nice shooting round with lots of room to go hotter if you chose to. But absolutely no reason to.
  11. ScEd

    I'm with SGR, 5.0gr of WSF behind a 124gr XTP in my CZ75BD is the best shooting load I have ever shot in a 9MM.
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  12. I load 6.2gr of WSF behind 124gr Gold Dots and they're right at about 1250 out of my M&P. I really like that load and also carry it in my Kahr CW9.
  13. You chrono those? I can't imagine they are even breaking 1000fps.
    TJ's 4.9gr-5gr of WST under a 124grFMJ or JHP will run about 1100fps, depending on OAL. That is pretty much max IMO, so if you want a little more gas, then WSF is the powder. As BA noted, 6.1-6.2gr will get you into +P range w/ 1250fps. I'm am not a fan of WST w/ 147gr bullets, just don't get the accuracy I want, so if Iwanted one powder to run full power to +P, it would be WSF. WST for light to full power loads, especially w/ lighter bullets.
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  14. You seem to be the wst/wsf guy. So for my load what would you recomend? You know of a source for load data with wst with 124gr jhp? WSF is on the website but no wst
  15. TJ shoots as much WST as I do, his loading recommendations mimic mine. There are some older Winchester loading flyers around that have WST data for the 9mm. I no longer have one, but you should find something you can work with using 4.8gr-5.1gr under a 124grJHP/FMJ, go as long an OAL that will fit your gun.
  16. My 115/124grn. 9mm loads w/WST are taken directly from the 4th edition Hornady manual. Why they discontinued the data down the road I can't say.

    Fred, I run 147grn. bullets w/3.8grns. WST. Good for approximately 940fps through a 4-5" barrel with pretty good accuracy, especially from my BHP. Came up with this one using a Powley powder computor from years past. OAL is 1.150".
  17. shotgunred

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    Yea I have several times. I don't remember off hand but it just limps past power factor for IDPA. It is the most used load at my IDPA club. Its just a putting holes in paper load. We are shooting at sea level if that makes any difference. I don't have my own crono so I only crono a couple times a year.
  18. Wow, I would double check your data, my own chrono & Hogdon's don't even get close (I assume you think you are getting 1050fps?):
    124 GR. FMJ Winchester WSF .355" 1.169" 4.7 1015 27,700 PSI 5.3 1115 32,700 PSI
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  19. 5.0grs of WST behind Berry's 124gr FP with an OAL 1.150" is all I shoot through my Glock 19. Very accurate round.
  20. I've used a lot of WSF with 115 gr. and 124gr Montana Gold FMJ loads and found it to be consistent and accurate. It also meters very well.

    My recipe was 4.9gr with the 124gr Montana Gold FMJ that averaged around 1075 fps through my CZ. This easily made USPSA power factor and was well below published maximums.

    You may need to increase the charge by .1 or .2 grains due to the fact that the FMJ loads have a somewhat longer bearing surface.

    I've been reluctant to use WST in 9mm loads due to lack of published information. I just don't like to estimate outcomes with a high pressure round like the 9mm.

    It's also interesting that WST and WSF are fairly far apart on the burn-rate tables yet the charges for 9mm loads are almost identical. This makes my think that the same charge of WST would yield much higher pressure than an equivalent load of WSF.

  21. I have not seen WST recommended by W-W for use in 9mm. I have used 5.0 gr. WSF behind either the 125 gr. Star JSP or 124 gr. Montana Gold JHP wirth excellent results. I also use WSF for the 147 gr. jacketed bullets.

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